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Pepsi Helathy Roads

The Healthy Living website is a program partnered with PepsiCo to promote the health and wellness of everyone within the Pepsi Company as well as their families. The Pepsi Healthy Living program is a comprehensive approach to promoting the good health of every Pepsi associate through quality health care, nutrition and diet planning, exercise and comprehensive disease prevention and wellness plans. Continue reading – Register GE Appliance


GE Appliances

The GE Register your appliance website allows a user to fill out a brief registration form for warranty and other support services from GE.  Please note that a customers failure to enroll with the online form does not diminish their warranty rights.  All residents who live in Canada will have to file a slightly different from than the orginal.  The following items will be required when registering a product online:

1. owners name, address, email address
2. brand information to include appliance type
3.  model/serial number Continue reading – Activate Your Capital One Account


Capital One’s Online Financial Services

The Capital One Activation site allows a user to acess an exisiting account with a username and password.  A Captial One customer can also create an online account using the sign up feature on the site.  The site provides information about and access to financial services offered by the Capital One family of companies.  Please note a valid email address will be needed when signing up for a new account. Continue reading – PNC Retirement Center


PNC Retirement Services

PNC’s retirement services website enables you to access and manage at your convenience the retirement plan account sponsored by your employer. The site provides you with the tools as well as resources so that you can enroll, learn to allocate assets and find out the contribution that will help you achieve your financial goals.

You can also use the website to plan your retirement needs outside of that provided by your employer. To find out the different distribution and rollover options, all you need to do is provide some basic information. PNC also provides chat services so that you can get answers to your queries from a PNC representative. In addition, PNC retirement service also offers a mobile application to help you stay connected to your account while you are on the move. Further, a short video on the site teaches you as to how you can make adjustments periodically to rebalance your portfolio and maintain the desired risk level. Continue reading – General Motors Connect


General Motors Global Connect

The GM Connect website allows a user to enter their User Name and Password to sign into their account.  If the users has lost or misplaced their password please use the help desk option to start the retrieval process.  The GM Connect site is adminstred by General Motors LLC.


A History of General Motors

A Concise History of General Motors written by: penmanship The history of General Motors (GM), one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, is one of spectacular growth. GM was founded by William Durant and Charles Stewart Mott in 1908. Both Durant and Mott had been manufacturers of horse-drawn carriages before moving into automobiles with the establishment of Buick, which was then taken over by GM at its founding. Mott was the major stakeholder. Continue reading