www.mortgagequestions.com – Mortgage Questions Service Center


Mortgage Questions

  • Allows a user to access their Mortgage Questions account online with a username and password
  • Questions about the site can be directed to 1-877-729-3273
  • The Mortgage Questions website works best with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

New users will have to go through a short registration process.  To register a user must provide their name, SSN, loan number and a valid email address.

Mortgage Service Center Features

  • Online mortgage account access
  • View recent payments and escrow balances
  • Check year-end interest and tax statements
  • Access PMI removal information
  • Sing up for automated online payments from the customer’s bank account
  • Access tools to help better navigate the mortgage industry

The only way to contact Mortgage Questions is by email or by phone at 877-729-3273.  It should be noted that customer Account information is updated daily at 8:00 am Tuesday – Sunday and Account activity from Saturday to Monday will be available by 8:00 am Tuesday.

PHH Mortgage

  • Large retail residential mortgage firm
  • Has been awarded the Fitch Residential Specialty Subservicing rating of RPS2
  • $52 billion in mortgage financing in 2011
  • Claim they will close the customers loan by closing date or give the customer $500

PHH Mortgage provides a FREE loan pre-approval decision to qualifying home buyers.  This free loan approval offer is subject to complete underwriting review.  Usually a down payment of at least 3% is required by PHH with an ideal down payment of 20%.  Customer who cannot put down 20% may be subject to Private Mortgage Insurance aka the dreaded PMI.

www.pcirapidcomply.com – First Data Rapid Comply


First Data PCI Rapid Comply

  • Provides Payment Card Industry Security Assessment Questionnaire guides to small and mid-size businesses
  • Turns PCI DSS jargon into EASY TO UNDERSTAND language
  • Any questions about the site can be directed to 855-532-4891

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and includes companies such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  These companies create a standard that Merchants are required to meet.  All merchants that transmits or processes customer credit card payments are required to meet this standard AND security requirements.  First Data PCI Rapid Comply assist businesses with meeting these standards.

Other PCI Notes

  • PCI is not a law
  • Businesses who don’t become PCI compliant may face fraud and charge backs, as well as legal costs and lost customers
  • Different Merchant types face different Validation requirements depending on their size, location and other financial factors
  • Merchants must pass ALL PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire questions to be considered compliant

It should be noted that PCI Level 1 and 2 merchants that require a QSA for their PCI DSS compliance validation a PCI Approved QSA can be found on the PCI SSC’s website.

First Data PCI Rapid Comply solution benefits?

  • Quick and easy way to become compliant
  • Offers step-by-step guidance in regards to the annual self-assessment questionnaire
  • Minimizes the number of questions that need to be answered in some cases (up to 85% fewer)
  • Offers PCI support via chat, email and phone
  • Ensure the correct SAQ is being utilized by the business

The PCI Rapid Comply service is operated by the First Data Corporation.  First Data is based out of Atlanta, GA and is a payment processing solutions company.  The firm specializes in credit/debit card transactions but also processes gift cards, payroll and other prepaid card offerings.

  • Domain: www.pcirapidcomply.com
  • Operated by: First Data Corporation
  • Designed for: Small to Medium sized companies needing to take the Payment Card Industry Security Assessment Questionnaire 


Buy Used Cell Phones and Save


What is Cell Phone City?

  • Provides used cell phones at DEEP discounts
  • The site claims phones work like new – guaranteed
  • All phones in stock for immediate delivery and will work with existing phone service
  • User reviews around the web are mixed

Cell Phone City provides numerous cell phone brands to include Sony, LG, Samsung and Nokia just to name a few.  The site states that customers can purchased used cell phones at a discount up to 75% off the normal price.  For example the Samsung Galaxy from Sprint in the color White and in Great Condition is currently priced at $134.99 at Cell Phone City.

What people are saying about CellPhoneCity online

  • “I order something on Wednesday overnight to receive it on Friday, I have not received an email with the tracking number. My daughter paid the extra 25 dollars to get it over-nighted and nothing. There is no business contact phone number! Emailed them twice with no response. Wondering how the BBB would like a claim and report about your business!!!!”  via Facebook
  • “Had shattered my iPhone 4s back and needed a new back. Cell Phone City put on a crappy knock-off back on my iPhone which fit poorly in my case.”  via Yelp
  • “Estimate for screen on Win 8 phone $140 for a $28 part on EBay”

CellPhoneCity Return Policy Notes

  • Cell Phone City provides ONLY a email address as a contact method customerservice@cellphonecity.com
  • CellPhoneCity MUST be contacted via email within 90 days of receiving the phone to request a Return Merchandise Authorization Form
  • All returns MUST be received within 5 business days of receiving return authorization
  • Be sure to include the order number and a brief description about what is wrong with the phone when emailing CellPhoneCity

The company offers a 90-day warranty period on all products sold. CellPhoneCity will ship to the US and Canada at this time.


www.applyforlunch.com – Applications School Meals Online


Apply For Lunch Application

  • ApplyforLunch online allows a parent to submit applications for school meal benefits online
  • There are no cost associated with the ApplyForLunch service
  • The site is managed by Heartland School Solutions and provides a step by step guide
  • The ApplyForLunch site works best with the latest Firefox, Internet Explorer 8+, latest Opera, latest Safari and latest Google Chrome

ApplyForLunch offers an easy application process and requires the school district that the child or children are enrolled in to being.  User will enter the school district based on zip code or state.  If the states does not offer the ApplyForLunch program the user will see “No district found”.  Any questions or concerns about this service should be directed to the school district for immediate assistance.

ApplyForLunch Tips

  • The online application will take 15-30 minutes depending on the household size
  • The application CANNOT be saved
  • All applications will be reviews and implemented within 10 working days under USDA guidelines
  • Time is shortened dramatically when applying online versus through the mail
  • Some children may qualify for free or reduced cost meals under ‘USDA Income Eligibility Guidelines
  • Free or reduced meals are normally for poor families who live in poverty or near poverty conditions

Any questions about the online application should be directed to the school district’s Nutrition and Food Services department.

The ApplyForLunch program is part of the National School Lunch Program which provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to poor students most likely from broken families.  This program was created by President Harry Truman in 1946 and operates in both public and nonprofit private schools.

  • Domain: www.applyforlunch.com
  • Operated by: Heartland School Solutions in association with the National School Lunch Program
  • Designed for: Parents and school children


www.violationinfo.com login – Pay Ticket, View Violation, Dispute Ticket


Violation Info

  • Allows a user to pay a traffic ticket online, view a violation or dispute a ticket
  • Users can make a payment using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover debit or credit card
  • To pay a ticket please have your notice number and PIN

The Violation Info site assist people who have been caught by images violating driving laws (i.e. making a right on red when not allowed or running a red light).  Tickets can also be paid by mail or in person.  Please see the violation notice when making a payment by mail or to find the location to pay in person.  It should be noted that payment pay back plans are not available and when paying by mail allows 10 mailing days for the payment to arrive.  LATE FEES will be charged on late violation payments and CANNOT be appealed.

Failure to Pay?

  • Additional late fees will be charged to the violator
  • A summons to appear in court will be issued
  • Vehicle registration can be withheld depending on the length of tardiness

If the violator feels the ticket is unjust they should see the back of the notice for instructions on how to file a hearing.  Unless the violator lives in California or Arizona the violation should not affect their driving record or insurance rates.  Some violators regards of state might have to take a driver safety class or defensive driving class.  American Traffic Solutions will first review the image for accuracy and then pass it on to the violators local police department.

  • Domain: www.violationinfo.com
  • Operated by: American Traffic Solutions
  • Designed for: Making payments online in regards to traffic violations

www.kroger.com/freefridaydownload – Kroger Digital Coupons


Kroger Free Friday Coupons

  • Provides users with a FREEBIE coupon for a product at Kroger
  • Users must have a registered account online with Kroger in order to download the coupon
  • Once the coupon has been downloaded it will be added to the  it will be loaded the Shopper’s Card and applied at checkout in-store

The Kroger Free Friday Download is limited to one download per day and the coupon must be downloaded between the hours of 12:00AM PT and 11:59PM PT.  The freebie must be redeemed in store within two weeks of the download.

An example of a free digital coupon:

FREE HORMEL COMPLEATS Breakfast Product GET ONE (1) FREE HORMEL COMPLEATS Breakfast Product (7.5 oz).

It should be noted that the Digital coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item.

How to obtain the free Kroger Digital Coupons

  1. Navigate to the Kroger Free Friday Download site on Friday’s
  2. Sing into the users Kroger account
  3. Download the coupon
  4. Visit your local Kroger store and the freebie digital coupon will automatically apply at checkout

Interested in more coupons?  digital coupons you can load directly to a Kroger member card…View All Coupons.  Any questions about the Free Friday coupon promotion can be directed to 1-888-553-3003.  Please be sure to have the users active Shopper’s Card number when taking advantage of this promotion.

Other Kroger Friday Coupon Program Notes

  • To view coupons that can be added to a members shoppers card please navigate to the Browse Coupon page
  • All Kroger coupons can be sorted by value, category, popularity, expiration date, brand (i.e. Kraft, Danon, Hormel, etc.) and most recent coupons
  • Coupons are available as soon as they are loaded to the users Kroger account
  • Expired coupons will be moved to the Expired Coupons section of the My Coupons page and cannot be used

A mobile service is the Friday Kroger promotion is available on iPhone and Android devices.

www.greenemployee.com – Greenshades Employee Portal


Green Employee Portal Description

  • Requires the employees company code, company name, or company phone number in order to access the site
  • The site is operated and created by Greenshades Software
  • Available as an App at the Apple and Google Play store

The Green Employee portal allows a user to view their employee pay history, upload expense receipts, HR documents, clock in and out of employee timesheet, and request time off.  It should be noted that the previous mention activities are based on what the companies Green Employee administrator has allowed.  Not all employees will have full access.  Any questions regarding what can and cannot be accessed at the Green Employee portal should be directed to the employees HR Payroll administrator.

The most common use of the Green Employee App is to view a pay stub.  To view a pay stub please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Green Employee portal
  2. Provide the users Green Employee sign in credentials
  3. Click the login icon
  4. Upon sign in the employee will instantly with their most recent pay stub
  5. If previous pay stubs are available, click the drop down menu with the pay date listed, select the desired date, and click your selection to view that pay stub

*HINT:  If the employee is not sure what their company code is please check the Green Employee website under the Edit Account section.  The code will be listed under the My Account tab.

Green Employee reviews from around the Web

  • Google Play users rate 3.7 out of 5 stars
  • Apple App Store users rate 2 out of 5

Doesn’t work I can get online at work and my information gets need in the app does not do so keeps saying invalid I’d and password which it is not please fix thanks”

“App works great. I love being able to submit time off requests from my phone”

  • Domain: www.greenemployee.com
  • Operated by: Greenshades Software 
  • Designed for: Employees and Employers

www.ihaveinsurance.com Wells Fargo – Insurance Request Letter


I Have Insurance

  • Allows a user to verify your insurance coverage as required by your auto or home loan
  • If the customer has received a Insurance Request Letter it is due to their records showing  lack of insurance coverage
  • The site can be used by both insurance customer and agent

A user can provide evidence of insurance naming Wells Fargo Dealer Services as the loss payee by mail, fax or online:

mail: Wells Fargo Dealer Services Insurance Service Center P.O. Box 5075 Coraopolis, PA 15108-5075

fax: 1-866-595-1762

online:  ihaveinsurance.com

When verifying insurance online the customer will need their reference number, access code and zip code on hand.

Wells Fargo

  • A San Francisco, California-based multinational banking and financial services firm
  • Is in a never-ending battle vs JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup
  • Was formed in 1998 when the Old Wells Fargo merged with the Norwest Corporation
  • Usually operates out of a brick and mortar location but some Wells Fargo banking centers may be available in certain grocery stores

Wells Fargo offers a wide variety of loans to include home equity loan, auto loan, student loan, personal loan and even credit card loans.  Sometimes when applying for a loan the customers insurances needs to verified quickly (this is where Ihaveinsurance steps in).  If the customer receives a Insurance Request Letter asking them to visit the ihaveinsurance site they should do so ASAP.

  • Domain: www.ihaveinsurance.com
  • Operated by: 2014 ihaveinsurance.com. All rights reserved.
  • Designed for: Customers who need quick insurance verification

www.giftnetonline.com PTL – KBR PepsiCO Company Code


Giftnet Online

The Giftnet site allows a user to enter a company code to obtain an employer gift or service recognition award.  Any questions about the site can be directed to a GiftNet Online Customer Assistant at 1-800-999-3462, or email at customerservice@mcfina.com.  The goal of the Giftnet program is to recognizes and reward employees that help ensure the given company’s success.  Most of these awards are production based (i.e. insurance claims processed).

Giftnet Policies and Procedures

  • Please allow 2-3 business days for the award to arrive once shipped from the fulfillment center
  • Employees will receive a confirmation email once an order has been placed
  • GiftNetTrack.com allows an employee to track their award online
  • To track an order the employee will need the company code and employee NUMBER
  • In the event that a manufacturer discontinues an award or the award is out of stock, one of similar quality and value will be offered for replacement

Giftnet Online offers a variety of different gift options to include rings, money clips, wallets, bracelets, watches and necklaces.  This popular employee gift program works with companies such as Mc Donald’s, PepsiCO, Marriot and KBR.Many times the GiftNew Online service is used when an employee has retired and are allowed to pick a company gift.