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Breakfast Sandwich Settlement

  • Obtain more information about the class action lawsuit entitled Sarah Martin, et al. v. Starbucks Corp., et al.
  • Class member claims that Starbucks (the worlds most popular coffee shop) overchared them in regards to two of its breakfast sandwiches at Cali store locations
  • Starbucks denies any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to a settlement pot worth $365,000

The Breakfast Sandwich Settlement sandwiches cited in the lawsuit are the Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich (or  Sausage) and Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich (these are two of the more popular sandwiches at California Starbucks locations).  Sarah Martin filed this class action lawsuit back in May 2015 in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles.  The fairness hearing will take place on 1/23/17 and all claim forms are due by 12/22/16.

Who is a Breakfast Sandwich Settlement class member?

Anyone who purchased a delicious Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich or a Sausage & Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich between the dates of Apr. 28, 2015 through Aug. 17, 2015 at a Starbucks California location will want to file a claim in the case.

This issue only occurred at company-owned Starbucks stores and did not affect licensed Starbucks stores (i.e., those located on or in grocery stores, including but not limited to Vons/Safeway, Albertsons, Ralph’s, Target stores, hotels, college campuses, and airport terminals” – Claims Administrator Note

Breakfast Sandwich Settlement Quick Notes

  • The settlement will pay out 25¢ per sandwich
  • Those who do not have a receipt of purchase can file a claim to receive a 50¢ Starbucks store credit
  • All 50¢ Starbucks store credit coupons MUST be used within 90 days or they will become void
  • The Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich Lawsuit is listed as case number BC582335

Any questions about the Breakfast Sandwich Settlement can be directed to 1-855-486-7369.  Class members looking to file a claim form via US mail should send it to: Sarah Martin v. Starbucks Corporation c/o Heffler Claims Group PO Box 59388 Philadelphia, PA 19102-9388.


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www.babybedtimesettlement.com – File Claim Bedtime Bath Products Class Action Lawsuit

Baby Bed Time Settlement

  • Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Bath Products are the target of a class action lawsuit claiming the company falsely advertised these products
  • Class members can file a claim online or via US mail
  • Class members who file valid claims may receive up to $30

The Baby Bed Time Settlement revovles around claims that Johnson & Johnson marketed certain bedtime products designed for babies that were “clinically proven” to help babies sleep better.  Class members contend that the products in question did not help [their] babies sleep any better and that Johnson & Johnson should have known better when marketing these products to consumers.  The Johnson & Johnson products that qualify for the Baby Bed Time Settlement include: JOHNSON’S BEDTIME Baby Bath, JOHNSON’S BEDTIME Baby Lotion, JOHNSON’S BEDTIME Baby Moisture Wash, JOHNSON’S Baby BEDTIME Washcloths, and JOHNSON’S  BEDTIME Baby Bubble Bath & Wash.

Baby Bed Time Settlement

  • The Johnson & Johnson class action settlement will award $3 per product
  • Class Members without a proof of purchase may be awarded up to $15
  • Class members who still somehow have their receipt in regards to their purchase should receive $30 as a result of the Baby Bed Time Settlement
  • The total settlement pool has been set at 5 million US dollars
  • Any left over money from the pool will b e donated to Nurse Family Partnership and Newborns in Need (class members cannot be happy about this as many feel they should receive the left over funds)

The Baby Bed Time Settlement lawsuit is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and the deadline to file a claim is listed as April 28th, 2017.  The lawsuit is entitled Stephanie Leiner v. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Inc., and is case number 1:15-cv-05876.  Class members can file a claim online (see below) or call 1-855-271-7182 to have a claim form mailed to them.


  1. www.babybedtimesettlement.com/ClaimFilingInfo
  2. www.babybedtimesettlement.com

www.thefirstsupport.com – Access Credit Card Statement Online

The First Support

  • The First Support is a service of ProBiller, and lets customers find the details of a charge that is appearing on their bank account or card statement
  • Charges that have the name MBI-ProBiller.com are usually from an online entertainment web site, and are usually for a trial offer
  • Many web sites that use MBI ProBiller do have recurring subscriptions, so if it’s not canceled, customers may see charges every month from this company

ProBiller handles charge processing for a number of different online and physical retail companies, so people are often confused when they see charges from First Support or ProBiller pop up on their statement. This web site helps customers find out what service or what web site they actually signed up and are being billed for. When customers cancel an account that’s billed from ProBiller, they always receive a confirmation e-mail when the transaction is processed. If this confirmation wasn’t received from ProBiller, it’s likely the account wasn’t canceled yet.

The First Support

  • Customers who have been billed by MBI-Probiller and aren’t sure what the charge is for are asked to contact ProBiller at 1-877-239-4057. Service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help track down charges that are unknown
  • Many times, customers will sign up for one trial and see two $1.00 charges
  • This is because on many web sites, signing up for one trial subscription also signs up for another one that’s billed by ProBiller

What is First Support and Pro Biller?

First Support and Pro Biller can provide detailed information to help customers recognize a purchase that is appearing on their credit or debit card statement, can confirm details of a transaction on a credit card when the description that appears does not exactly match the name of the product that was purchased.


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www.wecareyouanddentist.com – Match Trusted Dentist With Personalized Needs

We Care You and Dentist

  • We Care You and Dentist lets people searching for a dentist find the best one to fit their needs
  • Dental providers can have their practice listed on We Care You and Dentist in 5 minutes or less
  • Practices hiring new dental employees can also use We Care you to advertise their available dental positions

Dentists who purchase a sponsorship on We Care Dental will have their office shown in the “featured dentist” section featured prominently on the site. We Care You and Dentist is a web site designed for people to search for local dentist offices in their area, and choose the one that’s right for them. People can search We Care You for dentist that specialize in certain fields, or ones that accept certain types of insurance.

To contact We Care You and Dentist
  • Use the “Contact Us” form located on their web site
  • info@wecareyouanddentist.com

People looking for a dental career can use We Care You to look for available dental jobs in their area as well, and find available dental hygienist, dental assistant, front and back dental office, and even dentist positions. Dental offices can even purchase supplies from the We Care You Dentist site (like digital dentures, dental implants, Icon, PermaCare and more).

Why should dentists list on We Care You and Dentist?

Dentist who are looking for a little more exposure for their office can use We Care You as advertising. When people search for their local dentist, offices who sponsor We Care You appear above all other listing, making customers more likely to go with that office.


  1. www.wecareyouanddentist.com

www.pageplusbillpay.com – Access PagePlus Bill Payment Form

Page Plus Bill Pay

  • By filling out a form on the Page Plus Bill Pay site, customers can pay their Page Plus Bill online with wireless billing
  • Customers can make a one time payment towards their Page Plus account, or they can sign up for recurring Page Plus payment to be made every month
  • Any payment made through the Page Plus online payment web site will be applied by the end of the business day it is made

A bill payment made through Page Plus Bill Pay will be applied directly to a Page Plus cell phone number account. To make a payment online, customers just need to enter their Page Plus customer name and Page Plus cell phone number. Then, they’ll be asked to choose how much they want to pay (like the $39.95 Unlimited Talk/Text/Web plan with 3 GB Internet, the $69.95 Unlimited Talk/Text/Web with 7 GB of total Internet, or the $25 Basic Standard Plan).

Page Plus Bill Pay Notes

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to save time
  • All major credit cards accepted

The easiest option for paying a Page Plus bill online would be to set up automatic payments, where the bill amount is automatically taken from a bank account every month on the due date. With Page Plus automatic payments, customers never have to worry about running out of minutes or having their Page Plus service disconnected again.

More about Page Plus

Page Plus is one of the largest providers of no contract cell phone service in the nation. Page Plus Cellular was founded in 1993 and has their current headquarters in Medley, Florida. The company  provides service on the Verizon Wireless mobile network and has over 1.5 million subscribers. Page Plus is usually ranked as one of the best cell phone companies by the Better Business Bureau.

To contact Page Plus headquarters:

  • 1615 Timberwolf Dr. Holland, OH 43528
  • 1-800-550-2436


  1. www.pageplusbillpay.com