www.uphe.com/redeem – Redeem Digital Code

UPHE Redeem

  • Redeem a digital code to secure a brand spanking new movie or TV show
  • These codes will allow the movie to be added to the users digital collection
  • This service is operated by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, a Division of NBC Universal

The UPHE Redeem service requires the redemption code to get started and then the user will have to select the retailer in which the purchase was made.  Redemption codes can be found on the promotional insert found within the Blue-Ray packet.  In some cases (but not all) the redemption code can be used to redeem both the UltraViolet and Digital Copy.  Once the download is complete MOST Digital Copy retailers allow the user to download a file of the movie to your computer or other devices.  Redemption codes do expire and once the codes expires the promotional pack becomes void (if the code expires the customer have no one to blame but themselves as the redemption code takes awhile to expire).  Once the TV show and or movie has been secured the customer can watch the show/movie on a TV, computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Please note depending on the format chosen at redemption the TV Show/Movie can be streamed, download, or both.  Once the show/movie has been downloaded using the UPHE redeem digital code the user can watch the movie/show as many times as they like!

UPHE Redeem online redemption and download quick summary

    1. Go to the website specified on the package insert (normally this will be uphe.com/redeem)
    2. Select the desired Digital Copy format
    3. When prompted, enter the redemption code found on the package insert
    4. Follow the screen prompts to download or stream the Digital Copy

Any questions in regards to the UPHE Redeem service can be directed to their customer service email team.  Please include the questions, the movie/tv show in question, a return email address and allow up to 48 hours for a response.


  1. Check expiration date of redemption codes at: www.NBCUcodes.com
  2. www.uphe.com/redeem

www.53identityalert.com – Fifth Third Identity Alert Premium

53 Identity Alert

  • Access a Fifth Third Identity Alert Premium account online
  • Protects against the main types of identity fraud
  • A must for all Fifth Third bank accounts

In order to access the 53 Identity Alert service account the customer will need their username and password.  First time users will have to go through a tiresome first time member activation process in which the account holder will have to provide their name, address, phone number, date of birth, email address, mother’s maiden name, and agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Fifth Third Bank.  Service and tools provided through the 53 Identity Alert program include Identity Theft Insurance, Fraud Support, Lost/Stolen Credit Card Assistance, Registered Offender Locator, and up to date FDA & Product Recall information.  Why on earth would anyone consider this service?… “Fifth Third Identity Alert Premium employs an extensive benefits suite that provides advanced protections against the three main types of identity fraud: new account fraud, credit card fraud and existing account fraud“.

What personal fraud ID services are provided via the 53 Identity Alert program?

  • Credit/Debit Card Monitoring
  • Social Security Monitoring
  • Card & Document Registration
  • Child SSN Monitoring

Fifth Third Identity Alert Premium Notes

  • Does not charge or promote third-party insurance coverage
  • The Fraud Expense Reimbursement team will cover any expenses associated with a fraud case
  • The Fifth Third Identity Alert Premium offers an array of proactive measures that can help stop fraud before it occurs

The three type of credit card fraud include Existing Card Account Fraud, Existing Card Account Fraud, and New Account Fraud.  Fifth Third bank customers can sleep easy knowing that they are covered at no additional expense via the 53 Identity Alert program.

The Fifth Third corporate office is based at 38 Fountain Square Plaza Cincinnati, OH 45263 United States and can be reached via phone by dialing: 800-972-3030.


  1. www.53identityalert.com

www.epaystubaccess.com – Access Payroll Information

ePay Stub Access

  • Access payroll information online
  • Designed for current employees online
  • Easy to use and free

The ePay stub access service allows an employee to view their pay stub online and a variety of other work related benefits.  In order to secure ePay Stub access the employee will need their date of birth (in mm/dd/yyyy format) and SSN.  All future employee paycheck stubs can also be viewed online for up to 13 months.  The employee will also have less paper to keep track of and less worry about losing valuable information such as pay checks and time cards.  The employer will reduce the production, distribution and environmental costs associated with printing bothersome paycheck stubs.  Those who are not lucky enough to have Internet access can still check their pay stub via phone by:

  • Calling 877-epaystub
  • Follow the prompts to enter the employees Date of Birth and Social Security Number
  • Choose the option from the menu listed
  • Listen to a brief summary of paycheck stubs details

Any questions in regards to a paycheck amount should be directed to the employees Human Resource team and not the ePay Stub Access service.


  1. www.epaystubaccess.com

www.ezdrivema.com – Massachusetts Electronic Tolling Program

EZ Drive MA

  • Access MassDOT’s all electronic payment tolling program online
  • EZDriveMA operates without toll booths, barriers or gates
  • Operated by MassDOT

The EZ Drive MA service allows traffic to move freely through Massachusetts tolling points without a slowdown of speeds making life easier for drivers in the Bay State.  The service includes four payment methods: E-ZPass MA (pre-paid transponder (tag) based option with discounted tolls), E-ZPass (pre-paid transponder (tag) issued by an agency from another state), Pay By Plate MA Registered (license plate based account option), and Pay By Plate MA Invoice (license plate based account option).  EZ Drive MA is powered by Microsoft Translator and requires Adobe Reader to access certain documents.  The EZ Drive MA service is a all-electronic tolling system for the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) as well as all of the Boston tunnels and the Tobin Memorial Bridge (MassDot created this “three headed monster” in 2012).  This program has been shown to reduce the number of accidents on the roads and increase safety for the traveling public by eliminating the sometimes dramatic speed reductions and congestion that occur at toll plazas.  The EZ Drive MA system also has been shown to save drivers more than 875,000 gallons of gasoline per year while at the same time cutting down on emissions.

EZ Drive MA Notes

  • Some trips may take a few days to post to a customer’s account
  • The EZ Drive MA toll program saves drivers more than 800 hours an everyday that they would otherwise spend sitting in traffic
  • Drivers who would rather mail a check should send it to: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, EZDriveMA Payment Processing Center, P.O. Box 847840, Boston, MA 02284-7840

Any questions in regards to the E-ZPass MA or Pay By Plate MA service should be directed to (877) 627-7745 or customer.service@ezdrivema.com (email) or EZDriveMA Customer Service Center 27 Midstate Drive Auburn, MA 01501-1800 (mail) or (508) 786-5222 (fax).  EZ Drive MA also has live chat service available during normal business hours.


  1. www.ezdrivema.com

www.babylistregistry.com – Create Baby Registry

Baby List Registry

  • Create baby list registry online
  • Also allows a user to find a registry
  • The user can make the registry private or public

The Baby List Registry can be built online using the Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari browsers.  The Baby List registry also clocks in with a smooth checklist quiz that will allow the future mom to personalize a list of must have baby gear tailored to their unique mommy style.  The website also offers a Baby Registry 101 that reads like a college course informing the mother to be on what gifts are must haves (think diapers and new-born clothing here).  As soon as the future mommy has downloaded all of her must have baby gifts she will want to use the “Organize List” link on the upper right hand side of their account.  This will allow the mother to get a better idea of what they need and don’t need to add to the list.  Those who want to organize the order via categories, or add new categories should simply switch from the “Items” tab to the “Categories” tab on that same screen.

Baby List Registry Notes

  • A must for future moms
  • Moms who want to have their new-born features on the website can email pics@babylist.com
  • Baby List works with every store (i.e. Target, Bed Bath & Beyond)
  • Baby list is FREE for both the mom to be ad her gift givers
  • Gift-givers are only responsible for the purchase price + shipping of the gifts

Any questions in regards to the Baby List Registry service can be directed to 1-888-827-7856.  Please note a live agent will not answer the phone and the future mommy to be will have to leave a message with their name, nature of their question, and a return number.  Please allow up to 24 hour for a call back when calling 888-827-7856.


  1. www.babylistregistry.com

www.alapay.com – Pay Alabama Judicial System


  • Access Direct Online Payment to the Alabama Judicial System
  • Used to pay down state traffic tickets and criminal fines
  • Operated by On-Line Information Services, Inc with the state of Alabama

In order to pay a traffic ticket online using ALA Pay the offender will need to provide the UTC number and their date of birth.  The UTC number can be found in the upper right corner of ticket.  Those looking to pay a fine in regards to a District Criminal Case with an outstanding balance will need to provide their case number and SSN (the offenders DOB can be used in lieu of a SSN).  It should be noted that those who use the ALA Pay online service will be charged a bothersome 4% convenience fee (those looking to avoid this costly fee can always pay without a convenience fee with cash or money order in person at the respective court house or with a money order through the mail).  When making a payment using the ALA Pay service the user authorizes the State of Alabama to collect the fine and as such a refund is not allowed.

Disputes in regards to the ALA Pay service?

  • Any disputes concerning charge errors should be directed to On-Line Information Services, Inc. d/b/a AlaPay.com at 877-799-9898 (toll-free)
  • Or by mail to P.O. Box 8147, Mobile, AL 36689-0147

Any questions in regards to a traffic ticket or criminal fine please call the Alabama Traffic Service Center at 866-954-9399 or visit 866-954-9399.  For questions in regards to making a credit card payment via ALA Pay please call 251-344-3333 or toll free 877-799-9898 (or email the question to support@alacourt.com).  When making a payment online ALA Pay will take all major credit cards (i.e. American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard).  The state of Alabama reserves the right to change or cancel this service at anytime in the future without prior notice.


  1. www.alapay.com

www.carringtonms.com – Carrington Mortgage Services

Carrington MS

  • Access a Carrington Mortgage account online
  • All loans are provided by Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC.
  • Please have the loan number and username on hand

The Carrington MS service requires a username and password in order to gain account access or new customer can register for an account online.  Those who are new loan holders will want to register their loan and take advantage of the Carrington MS online account management system.  This system is chalked with goodies to include the ability to pay a mortgage online, update mortgage account information, and view/print past statements.  Loan payments are typically due to Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC (CMS) on the first of each month and payments via US mail can be sent to: Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC P.O. Box 79001 Phoenix, AZ 85062-9001.  Carrington MS loan payments can also be made via Western Union, over the phone by calling 800.561.4567, one time web payments, or set up auto payments online by filling out the Auto Draft Authorization Form.  Customers who file the Auto Draft Authorization Form. will have to provide a bank account that is in good standing along with their name, address and CMS loan number.

Carrington MS Payment Notes

  • A $5 service fee will be charged to those who make payments over the phone
  • Auto web payments using the Auto Draft Authorization Form is the best option when making a payment
  • To locate a Western Union office in the customers area please call 1.800.325.6000
  • Those who need to make an over night payment should mail it to: Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC Cashiering Dept. 2-270 1600 South Douglass Road, Suites 110 & 200-A Anaheim, CA 92806

Any questions or concerns in regards to the Carrington MS loan service can be directed to a customer service agent (that is based in the good old United States) at 800-561-4567.  The Carrington MS customer call center is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday – Friday Eastern Time and closed on federal holidays.


  1. www.carringtonms.com

www.webbanking.comerica.com – Access Comerica Web Banking

Web Banking Comerica

  • Access online banking services with Comerica
  • Requires a user ID
  • Operated by Comerica Incorporated

The Web Banking Comerica online service is free for all Comerica account customers and requires an email address upon enrollment.  Any questions in regards to the Web Banking service from Comerica can be directed to a customer service agent (based in the United States) at 888.444.9876.  This service is designed for both persona or small business account and include the following types of accounts: Checking, Savings, MMIA, Time Deposit, IRA, Installment Loan (account number must begin with 6301), and Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).  Customers will be asked if they have a promotional code during the Comerica Web Banking Online Enrollment Form enrollment process (please note this code is not required in order to complete the application).  Account holders will have the option to list a joint enrolle and the Comerica checking account number will be required in order to complete registration.

Comerica Incorporated

  • Texas-based financial service firm
  • Founded  in 1849 by former Michigan Attorney General Elon Farnsworth
  • Was originally called the Detroit Savings Fund Institute

Comerica bank is based in Dallas, Texas and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol CMA.  The firm offers a variety of financial products to include consumer banking accounts, mortgage loans, and wealth management services.  Comerica Incorporated has annual revenues in the billions (2.6 billion in 2014) and employs more than 8000 people.  The Comerica corporate office is based at Comerica Bank Tower 1717 Main Street Dallas, TX 75201 and cam be reached by phone at 214-462-6831.  The firm has locations in the 7 of the 10 largest cities in the United States and are among the 25 largest U.S. financial holding companies.  Besides the United States Comerica also operates in Canada and Mexico.  States in the US that are home to a Comerica retail location include Texas, Arizona, California, Florida and Michigan.


  1. www.webbanking.comerica.com

www.myambulancepayments.com – Make a Payment Online

My Ambulance Payments

  • Sign in to make a bothersome payment online
  • At least making a payment is super easy
  • The service is operated by Reimbursement Technologies, Inc

My Ambulance Payments will require the user to have their trip number, date of birth, and accept the terms.  Instead of providing the patients date of birth the user can also provide their SSN or phone number in order to confirm their identity and make a payment.  Once the user has gain accessed they can also review their account balance and view past payments.  Payments can be made using any major credit card (American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard) or checking account (assuming its with a United States bank and the checking account is in good standing).  My Ambulance is HIPPA complaint and making a payment requires only a few clicks of the mouse.  Please note “AMR provides comprehensive non-emergency transportation services to patients who need to be safely transported from one location to another“.

My Ambulance Notes

  • People will want to avoid needless ambulance rides as they are costly
  • Older people are notorious for ordering up an ambulance just for attention
  • Ambulances are not an amusement ride
  • AMR provides comprehensive non-emergency transportation services to patients who need to be safely transported from one location to another

Any questions in regards to the payment service can be directed to the My Ambulance Payment contact form (customers will have to provide their name, trip number, and a contact phone number).  Please allow up to 48 hours for a response when using the My Ambulance online contact form.


  1. www.myambulancepayments.com