www.letlarkburgerknow.com – Coupon Larkburger Guest Survey

Let Larkburger Know

  • Chow down on a burger or three and then take the Larkburger customer survey
  • Larkburger will use all feedback to improve the quality of their burgers and overall store atmosphere
  • The Service Management Group will be in charge of collecting all survey feedback and delivering to upper management in charge of the Larkburger location in question

LetLarkburgerKnow.com is available in English or Spanish and requires the 15 digit survey code in order to begin.  The 15 Larkburger survey code can be found on the customer receipt towards the bottom.  Customers will only have three days to take the survey from the date of purchase and the survey is not available via phone.  Customers who complete the survey in full will earn a coupon that can be used on a future visit to Larkburger (the survey coupon cannot be combined with any other promotional offers).  Please note Larkburger reserves the right to modify of cancel the terms of this promotion at any point for any reason they deem fit.

www.LetLarkburgerKnow.com Promotional Notes

  1. A must for Larkburger fan boys
  2. Will take between 5 to 8 minutes to complete
  3. Customers will receive a sweet coupon in return for their feedback
  4. All questions should be answered honestly (good or bad)
  5. Feedback may be used to make decisions in regards to terminating staff in certain situations

Must try Larkburger menu items?

  • Original Larkburger (black angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and house sauce)
  • Tuna Burger (for those with a fishy side)
  • B.L.T. (aka Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sammy)
  • Truffle & Parmesan Fries (yes please)
  • Any of the award-winning Larkburger milkshakes (available in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry)

Any questions in regards to LetLarkBurgerKnow.com can be directed to 700 12th St. #220 Golden, CO 80401 or via email at feedback@larkburger.com.  Members of the media who are looking to contact Larkburger can email pr@larkburger.com.


  1. www.letlarkburgerknow.com

www.dgxcustomerfirst.com – Take DGX Customer Survey

DGX Customer First

  • Take a short survey in regards to a DGX purchase
  • Available in English or Spanish
  • Operated by the Service Management Group

DGXCustomerFirst.com requires the 15 digit survey code, time of visit, and date of visit in order to begin.  The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete and customers can sleep easy knowing they made DGX a better place to shop.  Questions found within the survey will include issues in regards to the cleanliness of the store, the friendliness of the employees, and the quality of the product sold.  All feedback will be used to improve these issues at DGX and the customer’s information will not be shared with DGX employees.

Who in the world is DGX?

  • Owned and operated by Dollar General
  • Billed as a bargain retail chain selling a range of household goods, groceries, beauty products & more
  • Address: 2034 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203
  • Hours:  7AM–10PM
  • Phone: (615) 499-5881


  1. www.dgxcustomerfirst.com

www.MarshmallowOnly.com – ENTER CODE Lucky Charms Sweepstakes

Marshmallow Only

  • Enter a code associated with the Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms promotion
  • MarshmallowOnly.com is a must enter sweepstakes for Lucky Charm fan boys
  • 10,000 prizes will be given away and contestants must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States in order to enter

Who in the world would not want a box of Marshmallow only Lucky Charms?!?!  10,000 lucky winners will win a Marshmallow only box via the Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms sweepstakes.  No purchase is required and contestants can by mail (no purchase required method) or by entering the code (purchase method).  Those who made a Lucky Charms purchase will want to locate the promotional code on the box and then enter the code at MarshmallowOnly.com.  Finicky contestants who would like to enter without purchase can write to: “Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only Program,” c/o HelloWorld, Inc., P.O. Box 5503, Department 830075, Kalamazoo, MI 49003.  Please include a 3 x 5 index card with the contestants name, address, DOB, and phone number along with proper postage when entering via mail.  Please note all mail-in requests must be handwritten (aka no computer generated entry) and must be postmarked by December 17, 2017 and received by December 25, 2017.  The code will arrive via email within 9 days from the date of postmark.  A purchase will not increase ones odds of winning and the odds of winning will be based on how many people enter the Marshmallow Only promotion.


www.MarshmallowOnly.com Promotional Notes

  1. General Mills Sales, Inc. is listed as the promotional sponsor
  2. Those who are lucky enough to win a box of all marshmallow lucky charms may want to consider saving it as expert agree that the value will rise in price over time
  3. The promotion will feature 3 phases
  4. The final phase will run from 10/1/17 to 12/31/17
  5. HelloWorld Inc. will be responsible for the prize draw and prize delivery


  1. www.marshmallowonly.com
  2. www.marshmallowonly.com/public/fulfillment/rules

www.PHHLenderInsuranceSettlementInfo.com – File Claim PHH Mortgage Lending Lawsuit

PHH Lender Insurance Settlement Info

  • Obtain more information in regards to the PHH Lender Placed litigation Settlement
  • Mortgage borrowers charged for lender-placed insurance by PHH Mortgage Corporation might qualify for a pay day
  • Led Plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit are named Patrick Gallo, Kevin Finch and Joseph Burroughs

Class members claim that PHH Mortgage violated the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and of the consumer protection laws of California, Illinois, and New Jersey.  PHH denies all actions of wrong doing but have agreed to settle in order to avoid a long drawn out trail.  Class members in the case are defined as anyone in the United States who obtained a mortgage from PHH between Jan. 1, 2006 and July 31, 2015 were charged by PHH Mortgage under a hazard, flood, flood gap, or wind-only lender-placed insurance policy for a residential property.  Class members in the case do not have to hire a lawyer in order to receive a settlement payout!  All class members who file valid claims will be represented by Peter A. Muhic, Adam M. Moskowitz, and Lance A. Harke.  PHH Mortgage has hired Bruce E. Alexander and Frank G. Burt to represent their interest in court.  Any questions in regards to the lawsuit can be directed to Gallo/Finch/Burroughs Settlement Center c/o JND Legal Administration PO Box 6878 Broomfield, CO 80021 or by phone at 1-844-702-7326.

www.PHHLenderInsuranceSettlementInfo.com Notes

  1. The settlement fairness hearing will take place on or around 7/27/2017
  2. All claim forms are due no later than 10/27/2017
  3. The case is officially entitled In re: PHH Lender Placed Insurance Litigation and is pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey
  4. The lawsuit case number is listed as 1:12-cv-01117
  5. Class Members who paid some or all of the premiums charged will receive a cash payment
  6. Attorneys representing the class members will collect $4,250,000 (estimated)
  7. Class members may hire their own lawyer but will not qualify for any of the settlement benefits under PHH Lender Placed Insurance Litigation


  1. www.PHHLenderInsuranceSettlementInfo.com
  2. PHH Lender Insurance Settlement Online Claim Filing