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53 Identity Alert

  • Access a Fifth Third Identity Alert Premium account online
  • Protects against the main types of identity fraud
  • A must for all Fifth Third bank accounts

In order to access the 53 Identity Alert service account the customer will need their username and password.  First time users will have to go through a tiresome first time member activation process in which the account holder will have to provide their name, address, phone number, date of birth, email address, mother’s maiden name, and agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Fifth Third Bank.  Service and tools provided through the 53 Identity Alert program include Identity Theft Insurance, Fraud Support, Lost/Stolen Credit Card Assistance, Registered Offender Locator, and up to date FDA & Product Recall information.  Why on earth would anyone consider this service?… “Fifth Third Identity Alert Premium employs an extensive benefits suite that provides advanced protections against the three main types of identity fraud: new account fraud, credit card fraud and existing account fraud“.

What personal fraud ID services are provided via the 53 Identity Alert program?

  • Credit/Debit Card Monitoring
  • Social Security Monitoring
  • Card & Document Registration
  • Child SSN Monitoring

Fifth Third Identity Alert Premium Notes

  • Does not charge or promote third-party insurance coverage
  • The Fraud Expense Reimbursement team will cover any expenses associated with a fraud case
  • The Fifth Third Identity Alert Premium offers an array of proactive measures that can help stop fraud before it occurs

The three type of credit card fraud include Existing Card Account Fraud, Existing Card Account Fraud, and New Account Fraud.  Fifth Third bank customers can sleep easy knowing that they are covered at no additional expense via the 53 Identity Alert program.

The Fifth Third corporate office is based at 38 Fountain Square Plaza Cincinnati, OH 45263 United States and can be reached via phone by dialing: 800-972-3030.


  1. www.53identityalert.com