www.costcochecks.com/spot15 – Order Personal Checks Online

Costco Checks Online

  • Order Costco checks online
  • CostcoChecks.com/Spot15 is managed by Harland Clarke Check Printing who is based at P.O. Box 351220, New Braunfels, TX 78135
  • Provides both personal and business checks

To reorder checks online returning customers must provide their email address and password associated with their account.  Those looking up a single order will need the previous order number which can be located on the e-mail confirmation or on the reorder insert that came with the Costco check package.

www.CostcoChecks.com/Spot15 Notes

  • Easy to use
  • A must for Costco fan boys
  • Free standard shipping
  • Customers will save about 50% on the cost of a check when compared to bank issued checks (based on a Shoppers’ View survey of financial institutions in December 2016)
  • Costco Executive members will save an additional 20%

Best selling checks include Blue Safety Checks, Elite Checks, Classic Gray Checks, and Monarch Checks.  Special checks can also be ordered to show a favorite pet, movie, or TV show (for example Star War fan boys can have their check covered in Star War fan graphics).

Costco members who would like to upgrade their membership in order to  save an additional 20% of checks can visit any Costco retail location or call a Costco customer service agent at 1‑800‑220‑6000 between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm CT Monday to Saturday.


  1. www.costcochecks.com/spot15

www.discover.com/redeem – Redeem Cashback Bonus

Discover Cash Back Rewards

  • Discover credit card holders can redeem their cash back rewards online
  • Discover.com/Redeem is managed by the Discover Bank who is Member FDIC (please note all mortgage loans are offered by Discover Home Loans, Inc.)
  • Please note rewards never expire BUT Discover will credit the account if the account is closed or if the account has not been used it within 18 months

In order to redeem cash back bonus rewards online the member must access their Discover account with their User ID and Password.  Once they have accessed their account they can redeem the rewards for cash back, pay with rewards when shopping at Amazon.com, obtain a gift card, or make a charitable donation.  Most members will simply want to apply the rewards as a credit to their monthly Discover card bill.

www.Discover.com/Redeem Notes

  • Members can have the cash back reward deposited into any bank account in the US (the member will have to provide Discover the bank routing and account number)
  • Cash back cannot be requested in the form of money (i.e. $10 or $20 bills in the mail)
  • Members who make a charitable donation will want to speak with their tax specialist in regards to a possible tax deduction

Redemption may not be available for approximately 24-48 hours if the members Discover card is reported lost or stolen.  Card members can also dial 1-800-347-3085 24 hours a day/7 days a week in order to redeem they cash back rewards.


  1. www.discover.com/redeem

www.capitalone.com/reimagine – Open 360 Money Market Account

Capital One Money Market

  • Open a 360 Money Market account online with Capital One which provides no-fee savings growth that will really help the investor get the most out of their savings
  • CapitalOne.com/Reimagine is managed by Capital One who is proud member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender
  • A 360 Money Market account is a must for investor who can’t stomach higher risk investments such as owning individual stocks or even bitcoins

Please note in order to get the best rate associated with the Capital One Reimagine money market program the investor is required to deposit $10,000 or more.

Opening a 360 Money Market account by Capital One will take less than 5 minutes (maybe a little longer for old people… aka bay boomers) and the account can be accessed from any PC or via the Capital One mobile banking app. With a top-rated app and convenient digital tools, this is 24/7 banking that works around the investors schedule.

www.CapitalOne.com/Reimagine Notes

  • Must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the US in order to open an account
  • Money market and savings accounts are subject to statement cycle transaction limits
  • Bitcoin investors will not be interested in this program as they will simply laugh at the returns associated with a money market account
  • Money market accounts are a safe play in times of a turbulent stock market

It should be noted contrary to popular belief 360 Money Market accounts do not have debit cards or check writing capabilities.  Any questions in regards to opening a Money Market account can be directed to a Capital One customer service specialist at 1-800-289-1992 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., E.T., 7 days a week.  Account holders or investors opening interested in opening an account can also email investing@capitalone.com.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a response and include the customers Capital One 360 account number for specific questions.


  1. www.capitalone.com/reimagine

www.tdbank.com/giftcardinfo balance – Sign in to View Balance

TD Bank Gift Card Balance

  • Register or activate a TD Bank gift card online (once registered the user can check the remaining balance on the card)
  • TDBank.com/giftcardinfo balance is managed by TD Bank N.A. who i spread member FDIC and is based at 1701 Route 70 East, Suite 200, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
  • TD Bank, N.A. is a bank that offers an array of retail, small business, and commercial banking products and is considered one of the 10 largest banks in the U.S., claiming more than 9 million customers

In order to view a balance associated with a TD Bank gift card the customer will have to go through a short registration process.  In order to register the user will have the provide the number listed on the front of the TD Bank gift card.  Those who do not have the card will have to find it before they can start the registration process (unless they memorized the card number).

Once the TD Bank gift card has been registered the customer can check their balance, view recent purchases made with the card, and update or change PIN information.

www.TDBank.com/giftcardinfo Notes

  • Gift cards are available in the amount of $25 to $750
  • These cards are NOT credit cards and will not hurt or improve a credit rating
  • The card is subject to a monthly inactivity fee after 12 consecutive months of inactivity even if the card has not been activated (moral of the story… use the gift card ASAP)
  • The card cannot be used to obtain cash at a ATM or bank branch
  • The card can be used at any merchant who accepts Visa

Any questions in regards to the TD Bank gift card can be directed to a super friendly customer service agent at 1-888-294-2249 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (or simply dial the toll free number found on the back of the card).


  1. www.tdbank.com/giftcardinfo balance

www.checkmynumber.com – Enter Code From Invitation

Check My Number

  • Enter the users zip code and code from their innovation in order to begin
  • Those without an invite code will not be able to proceed
  • Zip codes must be from the lower 48 states

CheckMyNumber.com is operated by Organization: MDD Group, Inc.  The page was registered on 6/10/09 and is hosted on GoDaddy.

Those who do not provide a valid code will see the following wording: “valid Invalid code or this offer has expired, please try again. If the offer has expired, please contact the dealer directly”.

www.CheckMyNumber.com Recap

  • Easy to use
  • Requires an invite code
  • Only will take a zip code from the lower 48 United States


  1. www.checkmynumber.com

www.cashpassport.com/travelex – Order or Exchange Currency Online

Cash Passport Travelex

  • Check out the best rates, exchange money online for store pickup or home delivery
  • Ideal for someone looking to convert dollar to pesos
  • Funds can be distributed in the currency of the customer’s choice or the funds can be deposited onto the customers Travlex Money Card

CashPassport.com/Travelex is operated by Travelex Currency Services Inc. and Travelex will never charge a bothersome ordering fee or service charge.  Any questions in regards to Cash Passport Travelex can be directed to an award-winning customer service agent at 877-414-6359 between the hours of 8 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday CT.  Customers looking to reach the firm by mail can write to: Travelex Currency Services Inc.122 East 42nd Street, Suite 2800, New York, NY 10168 (please include the customer’s account number for specific questions or issues).  Cash Passport Travelex customers looking to reach the firm by email can fire one of to: Online.Orders.USA@travelex.com.  To reach the corporate office please dial 516-300-1622.

www.CashPassportTravelex.com Notes

  • Users are not allowed to pick the denominations they wish to receive
  • All currency orders will include a full breakdown of costs (i.e. delivery fees) will be shown on the Review page as well as on the Confirmation page and confirmed by e-mail
  • If the order is over $1000 the customer will be charged for shipping
  • Online and in-store rates will differ (store pickup from many Travelex locations)
  • Minimum orders are $50 (in some cases smaller orders are allowed at a in-store location)
  • Orders must be confirmed before 1pm (EST) to ensure the order will be available for collection the next day
  • Early pick up is available up to 21 days in advance
  • Cash Passport Travelex will deliver to Hawaii or Alaska but the order may be 1 day late
  • All orders will be sent a conformation email as soon as the credit card payment has been processed


  1. www.cashpassport.com/travelex

www.myallianceadvantage.com – Create ResidentPortal Account

My Alliance Advantage

  • Create a new ResidentPortal account online in just a few minutes
  • The user will have to select to property in questions in order to begin
  • Users who do not know the address to the property will want to ask their head nurse of staff

MyAllianceAdvantage.com requires the users name (first and last), date of birth, and email address in order to create an account.  The customers email address will be used for verification purposes so be sure to use one in good standing.  Users who already have an account can simply sign in with a username and password.  Any questions in regards to MyAllianceAdvantage.com can be directed to 1200 W. Riverside Drive Burbank CA, 91506.

www.MyAllianceAdvantage.com Notes

  1. Creating an account will allow the user to make a payment online
  2. Payments can be made using any major credit card
  3. Making a payment will take less than 1 minute to complete
  4. Once the payment has been processed the customer will receive an email confirmation from MyAllianceAdvantage
  5. Users can search for a property via property name, city, state, or zip code

Who is the Alliance Residential Company?

  • An Equal Housing Opportunity residential Community
  • All renters are hereby informed that all property rental offers are available on an equal opportunity basis
  • Housing is designed for those with low-income


  1. www.myallianceadvantage.com

www.24-7cardaccess.com – Access Card Assets Credit Card

24-7 Card Access

  • Access a Card Assets Credit Card account online with a username and password
  • New users will have to register with a valid email address and card number
  • A must for all Card Assets credit card holders

24-7cardaccess.com allows the customer to track spending, make a payment, set up account alerts, view recent statements, and other account activity via e-mail or text message.  In order to obtain a Card Assets credit card the customer must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States.  Any questions in regards to the service can be directed to a customer service agent at 1-800-854-7642 between the hours of 9 am to 6 pm ET or Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm or Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm ET.  Those who have misplaced their card or have had it stolen will want to report it to the 800 number as mentioned in the previous sentence (this number can also be found on the back of the credit card).  Please allow up to 10 business days for a new credit card to be reissued to the mailing address on file.

www.24-7CardAccess.com Notes

  1. If the card is stolen the customer is not held liable for the charges
  2. Those who have an issue with the quality of a product purchased with the Card Assets Credit Card will want to file a dispute against the merchant by calling 1-800-854-7642
  3. Disputes should only be filed after the customer has tried to work things out with the merchant
  4. Those looking to make a payment by mail should send it to: Card Assets P.O. Box 105025 Atlanta, GA 30348-5025
  5. When making a payment by mail please include the card account number on the check
  6. Payments can also be made over the phone by calling 800-854-7642
  7. Account summaries will include monthly transaction activity for the current and two previous billing cycles


  1. www.24-7cardaccess.com
  2. 24-7 Card Access FAQ

www.sprint.com/upgrades – Check Sprint Upgrade Eligibility

Sprint Upgrades

  • Check the status of an upgrade with Sprint online
  • Customers who are lucky enough to be eligible for an upgrade will surely jump for joy when they find out that their upgrade fee will be waived when they buy a new phone online (at Sprint.com) or call Sprint over the phone
  • Those who are not eligible for an upgrade may want to consider taking their business else where if they can

Sprint.com/Upgrades is operated by Sprint and requires the customer to be an account holder and 18 years of age in order to qualify for the upgrade.  Any questions in regards to the upgrade service can be directed to a Sprint customer service agent at 1-866-275-1411 between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm CT or Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm (this same number can be used to purchase a phone under the eligibility promotion in order to avoid the nasty upgrade fee).  In order to check the customers eligibility via Sprint.com/Upgrades the customer will be forced to input their phone number along with their billing zip code (this is the stage when superstitious customers will want to cross their fingers if they are unsure if they are eligible for an upgrade).  Sprint customers can also check their upgrade status by singing into their online account with their username and password.

www.Sprint.com/Upgrades Notes

  1. All accounts must be in good standing in order to be eligible for an upgrade
  2. Sprint reserves the right to terminate or modify the terms of this promotion at any point in time for any reason under the sun
  3. Customers who are eligible for an upgrade can pay the full amount owed with a credit or debit card OR sign up for the Sprint Flex Lease payment program
  4. Sprint Flex is a money making method devised by Sprint that leases the customers phone from Sprint (not a good idea for those who like to save money)


  1. www.sprint.com/upgrades