www.dominos.com/claimrewards – Claim Your Dominos Pizza Rewards

Domino’s Claim Rewards

  • Claim reward points associated with the Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards promotion
  • Reward members must provide their order number and rewards code
  • To qualify, order cannot have already earned points, only 1 previous order per month can be claimed; only 1 order per 24 hours can earn points; unclaimed orders must be less than 30 days old to qualify

Dominos.com/ClaimRewards is operated by Domino’s Pizza Inc.  In order to claim points the customer must create a Domino’s pizza profile.  Claiming the rewards will only take a few minutes and the rewards code/order number will be 6 digits in length.  Domino’s Pizza reserves the right to modify or terminate this rewards program at anytime for any reason.

In order to join the Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards program the customer must be 13 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States.  Customers are allowed one Piece of the Pie Reward account per email address and are limited to one order of $10 or more (excludes tip and donations) per calendar day can earn points.

www.Dominos.com/ClaimRewards Promotional Notes

  • The Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards promotion is a must enter for pizza fan boys
  • The order number and rewards code can be found on the Domino’s pizza receipt
  • Delivery charges are not a tip and are not provided to the driver
  • Drives usually carry less than $20 on them
  • Customers who bounce a check will most likely be charged the state’s maximum allowable returned check fee

Any questions in regards to claiming rewards associated with the Piece of the Pie rewards program can be directed to a Domino’s customer service agent at 800-252-4031or dial 734-930-3030.

Customers looking to save some cash on a Domino’s pizza order will want to check out the Domino’s national coupon page (please note this page does not include coupons from a local Domino’s pizza).


  1. www.dominos.com/claimrewards

www.pizzahut.com/hutrewards – Get FREE Pizza Hut Pizza

Pizza Hut Hut Rewards

  • Sign up for the Hut Rewards program to earn a free pizza from Pizza Hut
  • This is a must reward program for Pizza hut fan boys
  • Hut Rewards is open to legal residents of the US who are 13 years of age or older who have actually  registered for this pizza fan boy program

PizzaHut.com/Rewards point earning (including delivery charges; taxes, tips, gift card purchases and donations are excluded) and redemption valid only for online and mobile app orders at participating stores.  Pizza Hut reserves the right to modify or terminate the terms of the reward program at anytime for any reason.

Hut Rewards members will earn 2 Hut Reward Points for every $1 spent online at PizzaHut.com.  Partial points are not available and points when not be earned when ordering in person at a physical Pizza Hut location.  There is not a limit to the amount of Hut Rewards points a member can earn and points DO NOT expire.  Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the points to be credited to a Hut Rewards account.

www.PizzaHut.com/Rewards Promotional Notes

  • Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Customer is responsible for all taxes, delivery charges and delivery minimums that may apply
  • Customers are limited to one account per email address (accounts cannot be combined)
  • Points can be redeemed for a Medium ANY Pizza (any recipe, any toppings) or a Large ANY Pizza (any recipe, any toppings)
  • A medium pizza will cost 200 reward points while a large pizza will set the member back 250 points

Points can be redeemed via a Hut Rewards account via Pizzahut.com or by using the Pizza Hut mobile app.  When using the points the customer is not required to tip the driver in order to obtain the free pizza but definitely should.

Any questions in regards to this lucrative reward program designed for Pizza Hut fan boys can be directed to 1-844-244-2552.


  1. www.pizzahut.com/hutrewards
  2. www.pizzahut.com/index.php#/hutrewards

www.jetblue.com/trueblue – Sign Up for True Blue Rewards

Jet Blue True Blue

  • Join the lucrative True Blue Rewards program in order to personalize a JetBlue experience with bonuses that reward all types of travel
  • A must for consumers who frequent Jet Blue on a regular basis
  • Requires a valid email address upon sign up

JetBlue.com/TrueBlue is operated by JetBlue Airways.  Those who are current reward members can simply access their True Blue rewards account with the email address they used upon sign up and their password.  Brand spanking new True Blue customers will have to go through a short registration process where they will have to provide their name, email address, and Jet Blue account number (don’t worry registration should only take a few minutes and is pretty much pain free).

Once the customer has signed up for the Jet Blue True Blue rewards program they will start earning three (3) points per dollar spent on any individual flight operated by JetBlue.  Jet Blue fan boys can also earn an additional 400 points after they join & complete 1 survey, plus extra points for each additional survey completed.

www.JetBlue.comTrueBlue Highlights

  • NO BLACKOUT DATES on Jet Blue flights
  • Use points on any seat at any time!
  • Earn a minimum 6 bonus points when booking at JetBlue.com
  • Points do not expire and can be shared with friends

JetBlue.com/TrueBlue Bonus Rewards

  • Earn an extra three (3) bonus points per dollar for a total of six (6) points per dollar
  • Members who have purchased a Blue Plus fare can earn an extra four (4) bonus points per dollar for a total of seven (7) points per dollar
  • Members who have purchased a Blue Flex fare can earn an extra five (5) bonus points per dollar for a total of eight (8) points per dollar
  • Members who have purchased a Mint fare can earn an extra three (3) bonus points per dollar for a total of six (6) points per dollar


  1. www.jetblue.com/trueblue

www.gogerewards.com – GE Appliance Rewards

Go GE Rewards

  • Users can earn rewards for selling GE Appliances
  • Ideal for stay at home moms
  • Requires a valid email address

GoGERewards.com is operated by the General Electric Company.  New members will have to go through a short registration process before they can access a rewards account.  In order to register for a Go GE Rewards account the user must provide their name, email address, phone number, employee ID, and Customer Code (i.e. GE Account Code).  Users must also elect if they are a Sales Rep, Dealer Admin/Account Manager claiming RSAs, or a Neco participant claiming Monogram rebates.  Users will also have to provide either a home or business address in order to finalize GoGERewards.com registration.  Please note GE will only use the users social security # solely for the use of issuing applicable income tax slips when required.

www.GoGERewards.com Notes

  • Simple to use and a must for those looking to earn some quick rewards
  • Those who forgot their password will have to provide the email address used at the time of registration in order to start the recovery process
  • All rewards will be shipped in 24 hours
  • Please allow up to 5 business days for the reward to arrive

Any questions in regards to GOGERewards.com can be directed to geappliancerewards@360incentives.com or a GE customer service agent at 1-866-222-6612 between the hours of 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday or Saturday from 9 pm to 5 pm.

The General Electric corporate office is based at 41 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA 02210, United States and can be reached at 617-443-3000.  The firm is listed in the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol GE and is listed in the Industrial Goods sector.  General Electric Company is defined as an infrastructure/technology company and has more than 300,000 full-time employees.


  1. www.gogerewards.com

www.bobevans.com/bemail – Get a Free Breakfast with BE Mail

Bob Evans BE Mail

  • Sign up for a Bob Evans email account and receive a FREE breakfast
  • This is a MUST for Bob Evans fan boys
  • This promotion is good until cancelled

BobEvans.com/BEMail is operated by Bob Evans and will provide a free breakfast to those who register.  In order to qualify for their FREE breakfast the customer must be a new BE Mail account holder and have Internet access (the customer cannot sign up for the BE Mail service over the phone or in store).  Once the customer has registered for the BE Mail service they will receive ONE FREE BREAKFAST which can be used at any Bob Evans locations.  This promotional offer cannot be combined with any other coupons and is limited one per family.

www.BobEvans.com/BEMail Promotional Notes

  • Can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • It will take about 5 minutes to sign up for the promotion
  • A valid email address is required along with the customer name (first and last)
  • Customers can also opt in to receive news in regards to special promotions and new menu items

Must try many items at Bob Evans?

  • Pancakes
  • Eggs
  • Omelets


  1. www.bobevans.com/bemail

www.uphe.com/redeem – Redeem Digital Code

UPHE Redeem

  • Redeem a digital code to secure a brand spanking new movie or TV show
  • These codes will allow the movie to be added to the users digital collection
  • This service is operated by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, a Division of NBC Universal

The UPHE Redeem service requires the redemption code to get started and then the user will have to select the retailer in which the purchase was made.  Redemption codes can be found on the promotional insert found within the Blue-Ray packet.  In some cases (but not all) the redemption code can be used to redeem both the UltraViolet and Digital Copy.  Once the download is complete MOST Digital Copy retailers allow the user to download a file of the movie to your computer or other devices.  Redemption codes do expire and once the codes expires the promotional pack becomes void (if the code expires the customer have no one to blame but themselves as the redemption code takes awhile to expire).  Once the TV show and or movie has been secured the customer can watch the show/movie on a TV, computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Please note depending on the format chosen at redemption the TV Show/Movie can be streamed, download, or both.  Once the show/movie has been downloaded using the UPHE redeem digital code the user can watch the movie/show as many times as they like!

UPHE Redeem online redemption and download quick summary

    1. Go to the website specified on the package insert (normally this will be uphe.com/redeem)
    2. Select the desired Digital Copy format
    3. When prompted, enter the redemption code found on the package insert
    4. Follow the screen prompts to download or stream the Digital Copy

Any questions in regards to the UPHE Redeem service can be directed to their customer service email team.  Please include the questions, the movie/tv show in question, a return email address and allow up to 48 hours for a response.


  1. Check expiration date of redemption codes at: www.NBCUcodes.com
  2. www.uphe.com/redeem

www.babylistregistry.com – Create Baby Registry

Baby List Registry

  • Create baby list registry online
  • Also allows a user to find a registry
  • The user can make the registry private or public

The Baby List Registry can be built online using the Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari browsers.  The Baby List registry also clocks in with a smooth checklist quiz that will allow the future mom to personalize a list of must have baby gear tailored to their unique mommy style.  The website also offers a Baby Registry 101 that reads like a college course informing the mother to be on what gifts are must haves (think diapers and new-born clothing here).  As soon as the future mommy has downloaded all of her must have baby gifts she will want to use the “Organize List” link on the upper right hand side of their account.  This will allow the mother to get a better idea of what they need and don’t need to add to the list.  Those who want to organize the order via categories, or add new categories should simply switch from the “Items” tab to the “Categories” tab on that same screen.

Baby List Registry Notes

  • A must for future moms
  • Moms who want to have their new-born features on the website can email pics@babylist.com
  • Baby List works with every store (i.e. Target, Bed Bath & Beyond)
  • Baby list is FREE for both the mom to be ad her gift givers
  • Gift-givers are only responsible for the purchase price + shipping of the gifts

Any questions in regards to the Baby List Registry service can be directed to 1-888-827-7856.  Please note a live agent will not answer the phone and the future mommy to be will have to leave a message with their name, nature of their question, and a return number.  Please allow up to 24 hour for a call back when calling 888-827-7856.


  1. www.babylistregistry.com

www.comenity.net/childrensplace – Access Children’s Place My Place Rewards Credit Card

Comenity Children’s Place

  • Access a Children’s Place credit card account online
  • A username and password will be required when accessing the service
  • Those who are new Children’s Place card holders will have to go through a short registration process

The Comenity Children’s Place credit card offers members only access in which they can pay a bill, update credit card account information, enroll in paperless billing, and even print billing statements online.  Please note the Comenity Capital Bank issues all My Place Rewards Credit Card accounts and any questions in regards to a Comenity Children’s Place account can be directed to 1-866-254-9967 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918) between the hours of 8:00am – 9:00pm ET Monday thru Saturday (the call center is closed on Sundays and federally recognized Holidays to include New Year, Easter, Memorial, Christmas, Independence, Labor, and Thanksgiving).

Comenity Children’s Place credit card benefits?

  • 30% off first purchase using the credit card (this applies to purchases made at Children’s Place location in U.S. and Puerto Rico only)
  • 25% off on the card holders kid’s birthday (there is no limit to the amount of kid’s birthdays as long as the kid is really the card members child)
  • For every 100 points earned the member will earn a $5 reward certificate that can only be used at Children’s Place
  • Comenity Children’s Place Credit card reward members will enjoy free shopping when ordering online
  • The free shipping promotion is only valid on standard shipping in the contiguous U.S. and cannot be used with express or rush shipping
  • the 30% off first purchase offer cannot be used in a closing store that is going out of business or combined with any other promotional offers

Those looking to reach Comenity Children’s Place via US Mail can write to: Comenity Capital Bank PO Box 183003 Columbus, OH 43218-3003 (please include a return address and an account number for any credit card account related issues).


  1. Children’s Place card holder benefits
  2. Apply for Children’s Place credit card
  3. www.comenity.net/childrensplace

www.bjs.com/bestie – $25 BJ’s Refer a Friend Program Promotion

BJ’s Bestie

  • Allows a current BJ’s member to refer a friend to BJ’s
  • the member and their friend will each receive a $25 BJ’s gift card
  • BJ’s reserves the right to cancel or modify this promotion at any time so hurry up and refer some friends already

The BJ’s Bestie promotion requires the BJ’s member to go through a short registration process in which they will have to provide their name, address, phone number, and email address (or the member can simply link their account with their Facebook page).  Once the member has registered for the BJ’s Bestie promotion they can begin to refer friends and start earning $25 gift cards.  The member can invite friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  Once the friend registers for BJ’s membership using the BJ’s Bestie promotional invite link the member will receive a $25 gift card.  There is not a limit to the amount of friends a member can refer but members must be at least 18 years of age or older in order to sign up.

BJ’s Bestie Promotional Notes

  • A referring Member is eligible to receive ONE (1) $25 BJ’s Gift Card for each registered referral, and the new Member will receive a $25 BJ’s Gift Card
  • The friend who is being refered must not be a current BJ’s member or a member of BJ’s in the last 3 months
  • Please make sure the friend clicks on the referral link when referring someone via social medial (i.e. Facebook or Twitter)
  • Please allow up to 4 weeks for the BJ’s gift card to arrive via mail

The BJ’s Bestie $25 gift card can be used at any BJ’s location in the United States or BJ’s gas location.  Please note the $25 BJ’s gift card cannot be exchanged for cash or used to buy lottery tickets.  Any questions in regards to the BJ’s Bestie referral program can be directed to (866) 425-7932.


  1. www.bjs.com/bestie