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The Healthy Living website is a program partnered with PepsiCo to promote the health and wellness of everyone within the Pepsi Company as well as their families. The Pepsi Healthy Living program is a comprehensive approach to promoting the good health of every Pepsi associate through quality health care, nutrition and diet planning, exercise and comprehensive disease prevention and wellness plans.

pepsi healthy livingThe Healthy Living web portal offers users a simple and intuitive way to keep track of important information about their health in a sleek, modern user interface. Easily accessible from your favorite web browser on a computer or smartphone, the Health Living website provides a huge wealth of important information on how to improve and maintain good health. In addition to all the useful tips and tricks delivered daily or within the comprehensive Wellness Library, the site also offers interactive tools which can be utilized to better plan and track overall health, nutrition and fitness regiments.

Almost everything needed to improve quality of life and lead a healthier, happier lifestyle has been condensed into one simple to use web page. The helpful Meal/Nutrition planner lets users get an in depth look at what they are eating and how to improve diet and nutrition. Combined with the Exercise planners, you can keep easily keep track and get useful feedback on the coming and going of all your calories. Useful blogs and MP3 downloads offer health tips straight from leaders in the field. A diversity of fitness and wellness plans are provided to suit the unique needs of each individual.

The Pepsi Healthy Living program is an exceptionally powerful tool to improve the health of any individual. With their clever use of modern technology, the Healthy Living web portal lets anyone easily keep comprehensive track of all the important details of their day-to-day health while simultaneously providing helpful information on improving wellness and quality of life. Healthy Living continues to strive for the better health of everyone, constantly innovating by adding new features and programs to keep users fit, healthy and happy.

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Pepsi-Cola Company

In 1898 a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham christened the sweet, bubbly beverage he had been tinkering with the recipe for “Pepsi-Cola.” Immediately popular, Caleb would form the Pepsi-Cola Company five years later in 1902. Already a successful enterprise, the Pepsi-Cola Company prospered until facing bankruptcy in 1930. Purchased by Charles Guth, Pepsi was sold for ten years under his existing candy corporation, Loft Incorporated, until 1941 when Loft Inc. officially absorbed Pepsi and re-branded itself as the Pepsi-Cola Company.

Since then, Pepsi has greatly expanded and continues to be a world leader in drinks and foods, producing a huge array of products familiar to everyone as staples of the modern world. PepsiCo’s commitment to excellence extends well beyond just their products and services. As a hugely influential company, PepsiCo is constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve upon the environment and the health of the world around them.