www.uphe.com/redeem – Redeem Digital Code

UPHE Redeem

  • Redeem a digital code to secure a brand spanking new movie or TV show
  • These codes will allow the movie to be added to the users digital collection
  • This service is operated by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, a Division of NBC Universal

The UPHE Redeem service requires the redemption code to get started and then the user will have to select the retailer in which the purchase was made.  Redemption codes can be found on the promotional insert found within the Blue-Ray packet.  In some cases (but not all) the redemption code can be used to redeem both the UltraViolet and Digital Copy.  Once the download is complete MOST Digital Copy retailers allow the user to download a file of the movie to your computer or other devices.  Redemption codes do expire and once the codes expires the promotional pack becomes void (if the code expires the customer have no one to blame but themselves as the redemption code takes awhile to expire).  Once the TV show and or movie has been secured the customer can watch the show/movie on a TV, computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Please note depending on the format chosen at redemption the TV Show/Movie can be streamed, download, or both.  Once the show/movie has been downloaded using the UPHE redeem digital code the user can watch the movie/show as many times as they like!

UPHE Redeem online redemption and download quick summary

    1. Go to the website specified on the package insert (normally this will be uphe.com/redeem)
    2. Select the desired Digital Copy format
    3. When prompted, enter the redemption code found on the package insert
    4. Follow the screen prompts to download or stream the Digital Copy

Any questions in regards to the UPHE Redeem service can be directed to their customer service email team.  Please include the questions, the movie/tv show in question, a return email address and allow up to 48 hours for a response.


  1. Check expiration date of redemption codes at: www.NBCUcodes.com
  2. www.uphe.com/redeem