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Webroot Geek Squad Download

  • Download Geek Squad protection via Webroot
  • The download should automatically start upon visiting the web page
  • This is in partnership with Best Buy

The Webroot Geek Squad download requires the key code which can be found on the lower left of the Webroot box.  The Geek Squad Webroot key code will be 20 alphanumeric characters and will be unique to the box/purchase.  The key code in question will work with all/any PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.  Any questions in regards to the Geek Squad download can be directed to 1-800-GEEK-SQUAD to talk with an agent.  Webroot Internet Security is a high-end security program and provides next-generation protection for up to 3 devices.  Installation can be made via the PC, MAC, Android, and IOS operating systems.  Those who are already using Webroot Geek Squad on three devices will have to remove one prior to installing on the new device.  Geek Squad is a subsidiary of Best Buy who are one of the US largest consumer electronics retailer.  Geek Squad was founded on June 16, 1994 by Robert Stephens and currently has locations in United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and the Netherlands.  Geek Squad employs more than 20,000 people and provides high-end 24-hour telephone and emergency on-site support.

Setting up a Webroot account?

  1. Open the customers browser and go to my.webrootanywhere.com and click Sign up now
  2. Enter the account details and register
  3. The customer will receive a confirmation email at the address provided
  4. Follow the simple instructions in the email to confirm the Webroot account in question
  5. Enter the Webroot account credentials to log in

Webroot Inc. is a high-end Internet security firm based in Colorado.  The firm produces security programs designed for both consumers and businesses across the globe.  Webroot works with some of the largest retailers in the US (i.e. Best Buy) and has operations in Australia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Japan and the United Kingdom.


  1. www.webroot.com/geeksquaddownload