www.aarp.org/autobuying – Car Buying By AARP

AARP Auto Buying

  • Allows a user to search for a new or used car with the AARP car buying search
  • The site is operated by AAPR in association with TRUECar
  • Questions about the AARP Auto Buying service can be directed to 800-584-5004

Old people need help with everything, especially car buying.  Many old people get ripped of when buying a car or get told half-truths. AARP helps make buying a car easy with their AARP Auto Buying Program.

How the AARP Auto Buying Program works?

  1. Search for a car and see what others paid for the car  (new or used)
  2. Once the user has found a car apply for the new car Guaranteed Savings Certificate or used vehicle Price Certificate from AARP
  3. Visit a certified AARP dealer to complete the purchase

The site will also show information such as a price report, reviews, photos, specification and the ability to compare the car to similar autos.  It should be noted that “Guaranteed Savings and upfront dealer pricing not available in all states. In these states a “Target Price” is presented, which is not an advertised price, but an example of what you can reasonably expect to pay“.  At the end of the search the member will have to provide their name, address, email address and phone number in order to receive dealer pricing on the given auto.

TrueCar, Inc.

  • US operated automotive pricing and information website
  • Based out of Santa Monica, California
  • Geared towards consumers who enjoy researching a car before purchase

TrueCar Inc was founded by car enthusiast Scott Painter in 2005.  The firm works with over 8000 auto dealers across the US and its users have purchased over 1 million cars from dealers in their network according to company reports.  TrueCar has partnerships with AARP, Consumer Reports, American Express, Geico and Farmers just to name a few.