www.activatemyfios.verizon.net – Register Verizon Account

Activate My Fios

  • Start the Verizon MyFios activation process online with a User ID or an Order Number
  • Should take less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Designed for the authorized account holder only

ActivateMyFios.Verizon.net is operated by Verizon Wireless who is owned and operated by Verizon Communications.  The activation service is available in English or Spanish and offers a live chat service for Verizon customers who get lost in the sauce.  Verizon customers who choose to activate their service with an order number will have to input the order number from the email or letter that was set to them at the time of ordering.  The ActivateMyFios.Verizon.net order number is in one of the formats below.

  1. 13 Characters NJ00001234567
  2. 13 Characters ICOG001234567

www.ActivateMyFios.Verizon.net Notes

  • The first step in the process for Verizon fan boys who want to order Fios is to verify that Fios is available at their location (assuming the service is available the fan boy can then place the order online in a matter of minutes)
  • The VZW fan boy will want to use the VZW Fios Check Availability page and enter the address where they want Fios service in order to ensure the service is available in their neck of town
  • Once the customer has secured Fios services and created an account they can pay a bill online, check recent billing statements, sign up for account alerts, and update their contact information
  • Verizon Fios customer who want a paper copy of their bill or download a different file type, click on the icon (Download Bill Statement Options) to the right of the print icon in the account menu section
  • Customers who have fallen on hard times and need to inquire about setting up a payment arrangement can dial a VZW customer service agent at 1.800.837.4966
  • If the Fios service is not available in a given area please check back every few months as Verizon cannot provide a time frame of when or if Fios will come to a specific area 🙁


  1. www.activatemyfios.verizon.net