www.apply.luxurycard.com – Apply MasterCard Luxury Credit Card

Apply Luxury Card

  • Apply for the MasterCard gold, black, or titanium card online
  • These are HIGH END credit cards designed for the super rich and are HIGHLY OVERATED
  • An excellent credit rating is required

The Apply Luxury Card application is subject to change at anytime and all of the cards comes with an annual fee.  Any questions in regards to the Apply Luxury Card offer can be directed to 844.LUX.CARD (589.2273).  The MasterCard GOLD credit card is actually made with real gold and the Titanium card is made with stainless steel (the Black credit card is not built with anything special).

MasterCard Gold Card

  • High end 24K-Gold-Plated/Carbon Card—Patented Design
  • $100 application fee
  • $995 annual fee
  • Double points when redeemed for airfare

MasterCard Black Card

  • $100 Global Entry Application Fee Credit
  • $495 annual fee
  • $100 Annual Airline Credit Toward Qualifying Airline Purchases

MasterCard Titanium Card

  • 1% value cash back
  • $195 annual fee

The annual fee for these credit cards are crazy and most people should avoid these credit cards like the plague.


  1. www.apply.luxurycard.com