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Arvest Gift Card

  • Those lucky enough to receive a Arrest Visa gift card can manage it online
  • Gift card holders can check a balance, view recent transactions, and update a billing address
  • This is a must for Arrest gift card holders

ArvestGiftCard.com is managed by Arvest Bank who is member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.  In order to manage an Arrest gift card online the user will have ti provide their Arrest gift card number along with the security code.  The  security code will be 3 digits in length (consist of all numbers) and will be found on the back of the card in the signature box.  Any questions in regards to the Arvest gift card can be directed to the toll free number found on the back of the card or simply dial (866) 952-9523.

Those who just received the Arrest gift card will have to register the card.  In order to register the Arvest Visa Gift Card the customer will have to provide the card number, CVV code (three-digit code located in the signature line on the back of the card), and the address associated with the gift card.  Please note the address of the gift card will most likely be the address associated with he credit card used to purchase the gift card.  Registering the card provides a variety of benefits to include  protection against theft or loss.

www.ArvestGiftCard.com Notes

  • Gift cards can be purchased at any Arvest Bank branch
  • If the card is lost and hasn’t been registered the customer may not be able to recoup the remaining balance on the card (so register the card ASAP!)
  • Some retailers will verify the address associated with he card before a transaction is processed (if the address is not verified the purchase will be rejected)
  • The Arvest gift card will not hurt or improve a users credit rating as it is not a credit card


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