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Auto Pay Applied Bank

  • Enroll on the auto pay service from Applied Bank
  • A must for anyone who wants to save time and not go through the bothersome process of making a payment every month to Applied Bank
  • Enroll to have the members future monthly minimum credit card payments made automatically

AutoPay.AppliedBank.com is operated by Applied Bank who is proud Member FDIC.  In order to enroll the customer must have their Applied Bank account number, SSN, home phone, and a valid email address on hand.  Consumers who do not have the required information will want to return once they have it in their possession.  Applied Bank customers who are already enrolled in automatic Payments can update their Payment Account or un-enroll by entering their Applied Bank Account Information on the autopay.appliedbank.com page and click “Submit” tab.

www.AutoPay.AppliedBank.com Notes

  • Must have an Applied Bank account in order to enroll
  • Enrollment takes about 3 minutes and requires Internet connection
  • The Auto Pay service from Applied Bank is 100% free to all eligible customers
  • Any questions in regards to the Auto Pay service can be directed to 800-947-1090
  • Technical Support issues can be directed to 800-947-1090
  • Customers who need to report a lost or stolen credit card can contact Applied Bank at (800) 556-5678

Those who are not into paying a bill online can also make a payment the good old fashion way via US Mai tol: Applied Bank, PO Box 70165, Philadelphia, PA 19176-0165.  When making a Applied Bank payment by mail please include the customers account number on the check or money order.  Payments can also be made through MoneyGram or Western Union Quick Collect.

Applied Bank customers who need to make an address change can do so at any time by simply filling out the back of the payment remittance stub with the customers new address information and mailing it back to the Applied Bank at Applied Bank, PO Box 17125, Wilmington, DE 19850-7125.


  1. www.autopay.appliedbank.com