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Baby Bed Time Settlement

  • Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Bath Products are the target of a class action lawsuit claiming the company falsely advertised these products
  • Class members can file a claim online or via US mail
  • Class members who file valid claims may receive up to $30

The Baby Bed Time Settlement revovles around claims that Johnson & Johnson marketed certain bedtime products designed for babies that were “clinically proven” to help babies sleep better.  Class members contend that the products in question did not help [their] babies sleep any better and that Johnson & Johnson should have known better when marketing these products to consumers.  The Johnson & Johnson products that qualify for the Baby Bed Time Settlement include: JOHNSON’S BEDTIME Baby Bath, JOHNSON’S BEDTIME Baby Lotion, JOHNSON’S BEDTIME Baby Moisture Wash, JOHNSON’S Baby BEDTIME Washcloths, and JOHNSON’S  BEDTIME Baby Bubble Bath & Wash.

Baby Bed Time Settlement

  • The Johnson & Johnson class action settlement will award $3 per product
  • Class Members without a proof of purchase may be awarded up to $15
  • Class members who still somehow have their receipt in regards to their purchase should receive $30 as a result of the Baby Bed Time Settlement
  • The total settlement pool has been set at 5 million US dollars
  • Any left over money from the pool will b e donated to Nurse Family Partnership and Newborns in Need (class members cannot be happy about this as many feel they should receive the left over funds)

The Baby Bed Time Settlement lawsuit is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and the deadline to file a claim is listed as April 28th, 2017.  The lawsuit is entitled Stephanie Leiner v. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Inc., and is case number 1:15-cv-05876.  Class members can file a claim online (see below) or call 1-855-271-7182 to have a claim form mailed to them.


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