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Calvin Klein Surveys

  • Take the Calvin Klein Receipt Survey online
  • Will help CK make better products based on customer feedback (good and bad)
  • Customers will need Internet connection and 5 to 10 minutes

All feedback associated with the Calvin Klein customer survey will not be used for any purpose other than research conducted by Calvin Klein and the customer’s information will not be shared with the employees at their local CK store.  Those who complete the survey in full will earn a CK coupon which can be used on a future visit to any CK location (the customer should not start the survey until they have access to a printer as it will be needed in order to print the survey coupon).  In order to start the CK survey the customer will need to provide the CK store number from the receipt.  The Calvin Klein store number can be found at the top of the receipt and will be three digits long.  The customers will also have to enter the transaction number (this number can also be found on the Calvin Klein receipt and is four digits in length).  Once the store and transaction number has been provided the customer will be asked to answer a few short questions in regards to the quality of the service and the overall satisfaction with the purchased product (i.e. CK jeans, CK shirts).

CalvinKleinSurveys.com Notes

  • A must take survey for Calvin Klein fan boys
  • Customers who do not have the store AND transaction number will not be able to take the survey and earn a promotional coupon 🙁
  • The 4 digit transaction number is located on the bottom on the receipt

Calvin Klein Inc. is a New York based fashion house founded by the worlds most popular fashion designer Calvin Klein (DOB: November 19, 1942).  The firm has retail locations all over the world (i.e. Hong Kong, Glasgow, Mexico City) and specializes in the sales of apparel and perfume.


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