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Comfort Keepers Training Relias Learning

  • Access the Comfort Keepers training program with a username and password
  • Internet access is required
  • Employees having issues with access should reach out to their manager/supervisor at their local Comfort Keeper office

ComfortKeepers.Training.ReliasLearning.com is operated by Comfort Keepers and is intended for employee training purposes.  The training program was designed to help Comfort Keepers employees perform better on the job and as a result make more money for Comfort Keepers.

ComfortKeepers.Training.ReliasLearning.com works best with Web Browser: Internet Explorer 8 and higher – Operating System: Windows – Javascript Enabled – Adobe Flash Version 7 and higher – Adobe Reader Version 9 and higher.

www.ComfortKeepers.Training.ReliasLearning.com Notes

  • A must for all employees who need further training (or training for the first time)
  • Employees who forgot their login information will have to provide their last name and email address in order to start the password recovery process (or they can provide their username)
  • Employees who use their username to start the recovery process will be asked to answer security questions

Who in the world is Comfort Keepers?

  • Provides high quality at home care for old people
  • Founded in 1998 by Chris Klum
  • Comfort Keepers is honored to provide the aging senior community with the opportunity to live happy, fulfilling independent lives


  1. www.comfortkeepers.training.reliaslearning.com