www.fcslistens.smg.com – Take Family Christian Guest Survey

FCS Listens

  • Take a super short survey in regards to a purchase at the Family Christian retail store
  • All feedback provided via the Family Christian Guest Experience survey will be used to increase the quality of the customer service at the retail location in question
  • Those who do not take the survey will most likely loose hours of sleep knowing they did not make the local Christian shop a better place to visit

FCSListens.SMG.com is operated by the Service Management Group.  In order to start the survey the customer will need to provide the 16 digit transaction number, date of purchase, and time of purchase.  The 16 digit transaction number along with the time/date of purchase can be found on the Christian Family in store receipt.  Those who carelessly tossed their receipt in the trash can will have some dumpster diving to do in order to complete the survey.  All feedback will only be used to increase the customer service and the customers information will never be shared with Christian Family employees.

www.FCSListens.SMG.com Survey Instructions

  1. Visit a Family Christian location
  2. Make a purchase
  3. Hurry home and access the survey URL (i.e. FCSListens.SMG.com)
  4. Answer all the survey questions
  5. Sleep easy knowing the feedback helped make the Family Christian location a better place to spend money


  1. www.fcslistens.smg.com