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Giftnet Online

The Giftnet site allows a user to enter a company code to obtain an employer gift or service recognition award.  Any questions about the site can be directed to a GiftNet Online Customer Assistant at 1-800-999-3462, or email at customerservice@mcfina.com.  The goal of the Giftnet program is to recognizes and reward employees that help ensure the given company’s success.  Most of these awards are production based (i.e. insurance claims processed).

Giftnet Policies and Procedures

  • Please allow 2-3 business days for the award to arrive once shipped from the fulfillment center
  • Employees will receive a confirmation email once an order has been placed
  • GiftNetTrack.com allows an employee to track their award online
  • To track an order the employee will need the company code and employee NUMBER
  • In the event that a manufacturer discontinues an award or the award is out of stock, one of similar quality and value will be offered for replacement

Giftnet Online offers a variety of different gift options to include rings, money clips, wallets, bracelets, watches and necklaces.  This popular employee gift program works with companies such as Mc Donald’s, PepsiCO, Marriot and KBR.Many times the GiftNew Online service is used when an employee has retired and are allowed to pick a company gift.