www.global.bose.com/register – Bose Product Registration

Global Bose Register

  • Register a Bose product online with the product serial number
  • The registration process should take less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Customers will be able to sleep easy once their product is registered

Global.Bose.com/Register is operated by Bose Corporation 2017.  The serial numbers are 17-digits long following “S/N” and contain letters and numbers.  Benefits of registering a Bose product include confirmation of ownership, updates in regards to product information, and be the first to know about the release of a new product or promotion by Bose.  Bose product owners who do not register their product will surely lose countless hours of sleep knowing their product is not in the Bose registration data base (is that really a bad thing though?).

Any questions in regards to Global.Bose.com/Register can be directed to 1 (800) 379-2073.  Questions about a technical issue with a Bose product should be directed to 1 (800) 380-4831.  Anyone looking to reach out to the Bose sales team should dial 1 (800) 999-2673.

www.Global.Bose.com/Register Notes

  • A must for Bose FAN BOYS
  • Registration is free so there is no reason not to
  • A valid email address is required in order to register the Bose product
  • Once registered the customer can dial 1-800-379-2073 Mon. – Fri., 9 AM – 8 PM ET with any questions they have about the product (closed Saturday and Sunday)

Bose Corporation

  • Massachusetts based audio equipment firm
  • Founded by Amar Bose back in 1964 (Bose was a former MIT graduate student who began to research reverberant sound quality in hopes of someday making money)
  • Employs more than 11,000 people

The Bose Corporation is a private, consumer electronic company.  Some of the better selling products include wireless headphones, Sound Touch TV systems, and wireless headphones (on Sunday afternoons you can find many NFL players sporting Bose headphones while walking up to the stadium).  The Bose corporate office is based at 100 The Mountain Rd Framingham, Massachusetts 01701 and can be reached via phone by calling (508) 879-7330.


  1. www.global.bose.com/register