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HCTRA Violation

  • Obtain more information about a Harris County toll violation
  • Violations occur when drivers travel on a toll road without an EZ TAG
  • Toll amounts usually appear within 72 hours of the trip but in some cases take longer

The HCTRA Violation service is operated by the Harris County Toll Road Authority if you did not own the vehicle shown on the invoice you received, or you believe you received it in error, please contact HCTRA Customer Service immediately for assistance.  Those who need to pay a bothersome Harris County toll can click here to pay the toll online.  Drivers who are receiving a toll violation invoice for the first time might be eligible for a fee reduction.  Several factors are at play when the driver is a EZ TAG customer and still receive a toll violation: the drivers credit card expired or invalid or their was a mix up in license plates or the auto in question was bought or sold.  Failure to fix any of these issues may result in additional fees and further violation notices.  Customers who need to fix an issue or have a questions about the HCTRA Toll Violation service can dial 281-875-EASY (3279).  Drivers can search for a toll violation in Harris County, TX by providing the license plate number and the invoice number.  Drivers who completely ignore the toll violation notice and go on with their boring lives will soon find themselves receiving a call from a collections agency (additional fees will start to pile up) PLUS toll violations that have been sent to collections will not be eligible for a reduction in fees.

HCTRA.org/Violations Notes

  • Drivers needing road side assistance in Harris County can dial 281-584-7500
  • A vehicle with outstanding violation invoices is expressly prohibited from accessing any Harris County toll road until the violations are resolved
  • The best thing a driver can do is pay the toll ASAP


  1. www.hctra.org/violations