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Health Port Class Action

  • Obtain the mind numbing details in regards to the class action lawsuit entitled Allen v. HealthPort Technologies LLC, which is pending in the Circuit Court of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Hillsborough County, Florida
  • Class members in the case claim that they were charged an excessive fee in regards to obtaining copies of their medical records
  • HealthPort Technologies LLC (now known as CIOX Technologies LLC) denies all actions of wrong doing in the case but has agreed to settle in order to move on and avoid an unknown expense associated with a trial by jury

HealthPortClassAction.com is admistred by A.B. Data Ltd and class members must provide the Notice ID that was provided on the notice of the settlement they received via US mail (this will qualify as the proof of purchase).  Class members contend that HealthPort/CIOX charged more than 25 cents per page after the first 25 pages for copies of medical records which is in violation of certain Florida Administrative Code rules.  The Health Port Class Action lawsuit was preliminary approved on May 10, 2017.

www.HealthPortClassAction.com Notes

  • A full refund of the allegedly excessive medical records fees, plus interest at 4.78 percent per annum
  • All claim forms must be in by 10/9/17
  • Class members who fail to file a claim will NOT receive a slice of the settlement pie
  • Health Port Class Action is listed as case number 12-013154
  • The settlement fairness hearing already took place on 8/21/2017
  • All class members who file valid claim will be represented by J. Daniel Clark
  • HealthPort Technologies LLC (now known as CIOX Technologies LLC) has hired Robert V. Williams from Burr & Forman LLP
  • Those who would like to object to exclude themselves from the settlement terms must be notified the court

HealthPortClassAction.com Contact Info

  1. Mail: Allen v. HealthPort Class Action Administrator c/o A.B. Data Ltd. P.O. Box 173036 Milwaukee, WI 53217
  2. Phone: (877) 265-3022
  3. Email: info@HealthPortClassAction.com


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