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Intermountain Web Pay

  • Pay a costly medical bill with Intermountain Healthcare online
  • Paying a bill should take less than 1 minute
  • All major credit cards are accepted (i.e. American Express, Visa, Discover, Mastercard)
  • Internet access is required and bills can be paid from most smartphones without an app
  • Patients who do not have a credit card can use an e-check to pay a bill

The Intermountain Web Pay service is free to use and returning customers will need their account number plus their PIN in order to pay a bill online.  The account number can be found in the patients Intermountain Healthcare billing statement in the top right hand corner and should be 11 digits long (3 numbers then a dash then 8 numbers).  The Intermountain Web Pay PIN number can be found on the middle of the billing statement under the words “web pay PIN” (this number will be 6 digits long with no dashes).  Those patients who choose to pay a bill online using the e-check method may do so by adding their checking account to the e-check service (the checking account MUST be in good standing in order to use the e-check service).  If the patients address has changed they can check the box to indicate an address change on their Intermountain Healthcare billing statement and send it back with a payment if desired.  If making a payment by mail simply detach the top portion of the statement and send it with a check for the bill amount.

Login – WebPay Quick Help Notes

  1. Enter Account Number and PIN as found on the Intermountain Healthcare Bill Statement
  2. Specify account to pay on and payment method (i.e. $54.67 using a Visa credit card)
  3. Specify the detail of the payment method
  4. Complete billing address information
  5. Review transaction summary, submit, and print receipt (printing a receipt is not required)


  1. www.intermountainwebpay.org