www.johndeere.com/getmyhat – JD Owner’s Edition Hat

John Deere Get My Hat

  • John Deere enthusiast can obtain a free green hat with a customer ID number
  • Please note U.S. Customers will be required to enter the first five digits of their zip code while Canada Customers will be asked to provide their six character postal code without spaces
  • The site is managed by Deere & Company which can be reached at (800) 537-8233

The coveted John Deere Owner’s Edition hat is worn by thousands of farmers around the US and is John Deeres’ way of saying thank you to all their loyal followers.  To obtain the free hat the user must be a John Deere customer and have a customer ID number.  The free hat is green in color and features the patent Deere logo with the words John Deere in yellow.   The hat will be shipped to the customers address of record.

John Deere

  • Sells agricultural/construction equipment, tools, technology and services
  • Headquartered in Moline, Illinois, United States
  • Founded in 1837 by former blacksmith John Deere in Grand Detour, IL

John Deere provides a variety of agricultural equipment to include field sprayers, seed drills, cotton pickers and sugarcane harvesters just to name a few.  The firm prides itself in quality products that last a lifetime as their slogan is “Nothing Runs Like a Deere”.  The original Deere retail shop opened in 1937 and was 1,378 square feet in size.  The original store specializes in the sales of small tools such as pitchforks and shovels while allowing Mr. Deere so service as the official repairmen for the small village of Grand Detour.  The company benefited greatly from a partnership with Robert Tate and John Gould that resulted in a massive sales increase mostly due to selling an average of 200 plows a month.