www.mcstate.com application – Apply for a Job at McDonald’s

MC State application

  • Apply for a job at America’s best first job aka McDonald’s
  • McDonald’s jobs will help work around the employees schedule and even help the employee pay for college
  • The MC State application is designed for all McDonald’s locations and its independent franchisees

The MC State application service is free to use and McDonald’s is ranked as one of the Top Military-Friendly Employer jobs in the United States.  McDonald’s will help an employee pay for college through a variety of programs to include Tuition Assistance, ACE, College Credit Connection Program, and Scholarships.  The most popular way to get Ronald McDonald to pay for an employees college is via the Archways to Opportunity Tuition Assistance Program which provides upfront tuition assistance for college courses at higher education institutions accredited by the U.S. Department of Education.  Scholarships are also an excellent way for an employee to have the happy clown pay for their college as they offer 50 awards of $2,500/each (one per state) and 3 awards of $7,500/each annually.  Please note that McDonald’s reserves the right to modify or terminate any of these mentioned programs at anytime for any reason and McDonald’s strive to affect real change by providing eligible employees in their organizations access to education, tools, and developmental opportunities.

MC State Application Notes

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for college students looking for a decent/easy job that will work around their schedule
  • Will subject the employee to people of different backgrounds and varying interests
  • Hiring policies and procedures vary between MCD locations
  • Hourly pay will depend on where in the United States the MCD is located

McDonald’s is an Oak Brook IL based hamburger and fast food restaurant chain.  The firm was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald back in 1948 and today is the world’s most popular fast food restaurant.  The McDonald’s Corporation is headquartered at One McDonald’s Plaza Oak Brook, IL 60523 and the corporate office can be reached via phone by calling 630-623-3000.


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