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My LabCorp

  1. A LabCorp employee can login with an employee ID and password
  2. The site is operated by Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
  3. The site also can be used by Spouses & Domestic Partners of LabCorp employees

When accessing the site the employee ID number will be 5- or 6-digits in length and the default Password is a combination of your six-digit, numerical date of birth (mmddyy) and the last four digits of your Social Security number, for example if the LabCorp employees date of birth is July 4th, 1971 with a Social Security number of 123-45-6789, the default password would be 0704716789.

Please dial 877-735-3776  for any tech issues related to the MyLabCorp website.  Customer service can also be reached by email at ServiceDesk@labcorp.com or by using the following form.

Other MyLabCorp Notes

  • The service can only be used by LabCrop employees and their spouses or domestic partners
  • The answer to the security question when sign in is NOT case-sensitive
  • The account will be disabled after three unsuccessful login attempts to a MyLabCorp account

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings

LabCorp (for short) is a health care company based out ofBurlington, North Carolina.  The firm is considered one of the largestclinical testing laboratories in the world and is a publically traded company.

LabCorp Common Testing

  • blood cell counts
  • thyroid tests
  • pap tests
  • hemoglobin A1C
  • PSA testing

The company was founded in 1971 and is in direct competition with Bio-Reference Laboratories Inc., Quest Diagnostics Inc. and Sonic Healthcare Limited.

  • Domain: www.mylabcorp.com
  • Operated by: Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
  • Designed for: LabCorp Employees