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My Medicaid Florida

  • Provides information and regulations in regards to the Florida state Medicaid program
  • Administered by HP Enterprise Services and the Agency for Health Care Administration
  • Please call 800-239-7560 with any questions or comments about the MyMedicaid Florida website

My Medicaid Florida was created for recipients of Medicaid in the state of Florida and their providers.  The intent of this service is to provide people with policies and procedures needed to receive reimbursement for covered services provided to eligible Florida Medicaid recipients and general procedural guidance.  Please note that an individual is not able to apply for Medicaid at this site, please contact the Florida Department of Children and Families for more information regarding Medicaid applications.  MyFlorida Medicaid is essentially low-cost health insurance for low-income individuals and families.

MyMedicaid-Florida Public Information For Providers

  • Bulletins and News Alerts
  • Free Handbooks
  • Fee Schedules
  • Forms
  • Provider Enrollment
  • Out-of-State Provider Enrollment

Providers are also granted access to secure information to include Provider Demographic Maintenance, Claims Submission (Dental, Institutional, and Professional), Third Party Liability and Claim Status.

Past and present Florida Medicaid recipient notices can be viewed as long as the individual has the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format program.  Recipient notices and or letters are generally used by the state in a way to communicate to Florida Medicaid recipients.  Recent notices include:

  1. AHCA PDN Care Coord Recipient Letters 117 3/28/2013
  2. HH Pilot Project Expansion Letter – Spanish 114 8/22/2012
  3. HH Pilot Project Expansion Recipient Letter 173 8/22/2012

Florida Medicaid Field Office Listing

Any questions about the state-wide Medicaid procedures or policies can be directed to the Agency for Health Care Administration • P.O. Box 5197 • Tallahassee, FL 32314.  Claims can be filed online or in person at any of the offices listed above.