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NWF Renew Me

  • Ranger Rick fan boys can renew their subscriptions online
  • Please note Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. magazines are proud winners of the 2016 Parents’ Choice Award
  • The renewal process is super easy and should only take about 2 minutes

NWF.org/RenewMe is operated by the National Wildlife Federation who are based at 11100 Wildlife Center Dr, Reston VA 20190.  NWF can also be found on social media to include Facebook and Twitter.

In order to start the newness process the customer will need to login to their Ranger Rick magazine subscription account.  In order to login please have the account number, zip code, and email address associated with their NWF account.  The NWF renew me account number can be found on the magazine’s mailing label and is 11 digits long (all numbers).  The account number can also be found on the Subscription Invoice or the FINAL Invoice (these will be sent to the customer via US Mail once their subscription is close to running out).

www.NWF.com/RenewMe Notes

  • Back issues are available for $6.99 each
  • Ranger Rick publishes 10 times a year as follows Dec/Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun/Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
  • Only a limited amount of back issues are available
  • The Ranger Rick expiration date can be found on the magazine label above the subscribers name

NWF Renew Me Magazines?

  • Ranger Rick (appropriate for ages 7 to 12)
  • Ranger Rick Jr. (ages 4 to 7)
  • Ranger Rick Cub (ages 0 to 4)

Why would anyone want to subscribe to a Ranger Rick magazine?

  1. Amazing wildlife photography (treat kids to some of the most revealing marvels of the natural world)
  2. Outdoor adventures, wilderness discoveries and projects that foster environmental awareness (great for kids that live in the inner city)
  3. Expert answers to readers’ questions about plants, animals, and wilderness
  4. Puzzles, games, crafts, stories, cartoons and more


  1. www.nwf.org/renewme