www.office.com/setup – Microsoft Office Get Started


Office Setup

  • Allows a customer to being the Microsoft Office installation process
  • Requires the 25 digit product key
  • Any questions about the site or service can be directed to 1.877.274.7594

Please note the 25 digit Product Key is both alpha-numeric and can be located on the back of the card located inside the Microsoft product package. Customers will be required to create or sing into a Microsoft account before they can start the installation process.  Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal or 2013 versions of Office products can be installed on both the PC and MAC operating systems.  Please make sure the operating system meets the minimum system requirements before installing Office Setup.

Other notes of interest

  • Customers who already have a Xbox, Hotmail, Outlook.com, Windows Phone Microsoft account will not need to create a new one
  • Any problems that arise during the installation process can be brought to the attention of support.microsoft.com/contactus
  • Microsoft Office download times vary by internet speed connection speed and it is recommended that customers do not disconnect from the internet until the download has completed

Microsoft is a world-wide computer hardware and software company based at the Microsoft Redmond Campus in Redmond, Washington.  The firm was founded by Paul Allen (current owner of the Seattle Seahawks) and self-proclaimed math geek Bill Gates.