www.paydominiontolls.com – Access Toll by Plate Account

Pay Dominion Tolls

  • Access a Toll by Plate account online with the drivers Account License Plate and account number (or the user can provide the notice number instead of the account number)
  • The PayDominionTolls.com account number is indicated on the users notice (up to 12 digits)
  • The notice number can be found just above the account number

PayDominionTolls.com is operated by City of Chesapeake, City Treasurer’s Office and is available in English or Spanish.  Those who register for the Customer Service Center will be able to review their account details, update personal information, make a payment, dispute a notice, or check the status of a previous notice.  The only reason a driver will receive a notice is if they drive through the Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge toll zone without the system recognizing a valid E-ZPass transponder.  Reasons why the system created a notice may be related to the driver not having a valid payment method on file (i.e. the credit card expired or the bank account had insufficient funds), the driver’s license plate is not registered, or the plate is listed but not accurate.

www.PayDominionTolls.com Notes

  • Payments can be made using any major credit card (i.e. American Express, Discover, Visa) or by providing a bank account number
  • Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge will make an attempt to obtain payment from E-ZPass using the photographic image of the vehicle’s license plate prior to sending a Toll by Plate notice
  • Those who do not pay a toll are in violation of VA Code 46.2-819 and 46.2-819.3:1 and will be subject to additional fees and the possibility of a vehicle registration renewal hold… OUCH! 🙁

Any questions in regards to the Pay Dominion Tolls notice can be directed to 855-813-9123 between the hours 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern time Monday through Friday.

Please note the users account balance may not reflect toll amounts and fees related to payments made using a bank account with insufficient funds (bounced check) for 5-10 business days after bank notification.


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