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Payment Solutions Citi Cards

  • Access the Citi Credit Card payment help center online
  • This service is designed for those who are having trouble paying their Citi credit card (Citi would rather attempt to help the customer than send their account to collections)
  • Citi Payment Solutions will offer a variety of ways to help bring the customers account to current

PaymentSolutions.CitiCards.com is operated by Citigroup Inc. and requires a username in order to access payment help information.  Customers are not bound to accept help but it would be a good idea to listen to ideas in order to avoid calls from debt collection agencies and a ruined credit score (which will severely hamper the customers ability to make future purchase using a line of credit).  Customers can also use the service to pay a bill, update information, or view their Citi credit card account statement.

Any questions in regards to the PaymentSolutions.CitiCards.com service can be directed to a customer service agent at 800-347-4934.  Customers who foolishly misplaced their card can dial toll free 1-800-950-5114 (TTY: 1-800-325-2865) to report the lost (or stolen) card and have a new one issued by US Mail.  Please note customers should allow up to 5 business days for the new credit card to arrive by US Mail.  Citi customers traveling outside the United States (i.e. china, Russia, Brazil) can dial 1-605-335-2222 to speak with a Citi customer service agent in regards to anything credit card related.

www.PaymentsSolutions.CitiCards.com Notes

  • A must for people who are falling behind in Citi card payments
  • Citi will work hard with the customer to help them make payment arrangements as they would rather the customer pay late than not at all
  • Citi Payment Solutions are available for all Citi cardholders regardless of the credit card

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  • Citi Double Cash Card (one of the best cash back cards on the market today!)
  • Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard (a decent travel rewards card)


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