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Rewards InnovAsian Cuisine

  • Sign up for the InnovAsian meals reward program
  • This a must sign up for consumers who buy InnovAsian Cuisine
  • This rewards program will help customers earn FREE InnovAsian Cuisine

There is no fee when signing up for the Rewards InnovAsian Cuisine program and the registration process should take less than 5 minutes to complete.  Customers who already are an award account member can simply sign in with their email address and PIN number (the PIN number should have arrived via email at the time of sign up… those who did not receive the email with the needed PIN code will have to send a PIN recovery email to InnovAsian Cuisine rewards).  Once the customer has registered for the Rewards InnovAsian Cuisine program they can start earning rewards by purchase InnovAsian Cuisine products that have the Reward Yourself logo.

Rewards InnovAsian Cuisine Program Notes

  • Reward points will be shown on the side of the box
  • Reward codes should be 9 digits in length and be printed on the inside of the box
  • Once the code has been secured please use a computer or the mobile application and login to the Rewards InnovAsian Cuisine account
  • Any changes to the users Rewards InnovAsian program mailing address will be used for future rewards only and cannot be applied to previous rewards
  • Enter the rewards code into the Submit Codes box and start earning free FOOD
  • Once a reward has been earned the customer can print the reward immediately or email it to their account to be printed later
  • A nifty FREE InnovAsian Cuisine Mobile App can be found at Google Play or the App store

Reward points can be redeemed once the member has earned 1000 points and any questions in regards to the Rewards InnovAsian cuisine program can be directed to (425) 251-3706 or those who would like to reach the corporate office via US mail can write to: 18251-B Cascade Avenue South Tukwila, WA 98188.


  1. www.rewards.innovasiancuisine.com