www.siriusxm.com/gotoaccount – Manage SiriusXM Account

Sirius XM Go To Account

  • Manage a Sirius XM account from the comfort of a home office or recliner
  • Requires a username and password (users can also substitute their email address used at the time of registration in lieu of the username)
  • New members will have to go through a short registration process in order to secure account access


SiriusXM.com/GoToAccount is operated by Sirius XM Radio Inc.  Once the customer has gained access to their account they will be able to make a payment online, set up a subscription service (this option is only available for new customers), refresh a Sirius radio service (this works well for customers who have lost service), or buy a Sirius streaming subscription.  Those who have not registered will have to do so before they can gain access to these online services.  To register the customer will have to provide their last name, phone number, zip code, and Radio ID (ESN or SID) or Account Numberor VIN.  Please note the radio ID will most likely be displayed when tuning the radio to channel 0.  For some Sirius radios the user will need to press and hold down the SAT or ESN button, or access the radio’s menu functions.


  • A must for Sirius XM fan boys
  • Offers a live chat service ti help people who are hitting a wall
  • Please note the live chat option is available from Monday – Saturday: 8am – 11pm EST
    AND Sunday: 8am – 8pm EST
  • Twitter fan boys can also reached out to Sirius via their handle at Twitter: @SXM_Help
  • Once the customer has registered for a Sirius XM account they can make a payment online with any major credit card or by linking their bank account (the customer will need their routing and account number in order to link their bank)

Any questions in regards to SiriusXM.com/GoToAccount can be directed to toll free 1-866-635-5027.  The SiriusXM community can also be found on  on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.


  1. www.siriusxm.com/gotoaccount