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Staples Easy Rebates

  • Staples rebate card members can access their account online
  • First time users will have to provide their 16 digit card number to set up an account online
  • Returning cardholders can simply enter their card account number and then click the login button

Easy Rebates is a registered service mark of Staples the Office Superstore, LLC and is the best way to track or apply for a rebate online.  Almost every product that has a rebate offer will be available for online submission at the stapleseasyrebates website.  Please note that although most rebates can be submitted online SOME manufacturers require the rebates to be submitted by mail.

Staple Rebate Center Highlights

  1. Find a rebate offer
  2. Submit an Easy Rebate
  3. Track an Easy Rebate
  4. Track a Staples mail-in rebate
  5. Obtain customer service help

When using Staples Easy Rebates customer can expect to see their rebate in about 4-6 weeks when many manufacturers tell customers they must wait 8-14 weeks.  Simply put Staples Easy Rebates will get the customer his or her rebate quickly.  There is no limit on the amount of rebates that can be applied for by a customer.

Other Rebate Notes

  • With rebate offers over $10 the customer will have the option to receive a prepaid card or a check or Staples Gift Card
  • With rebates offers less than $10 a check will be issued and the customer will have the option to registered PayPal account
  • If the customer receives a rebate invalid notification the customer should double-check the rebate information that was entered
  • All Easy Gift Checks expire 90 days from issue date

Different forms of rebates

  • Check:  The customer will receive a check in the mail that can be cashed at a bank or credit union
  • Visa Prepaid Card: The customer will receive a prepaid debit card in the mail that can be used anywhere VISA is accepted
  • Easy Gift Card: These gift cards can only be used in Staple stores and never expire
  • PayPal: The rebate reward deposit amount will be sent the customer PayPal account
  • Submit a online rebate from Staples
  • www.stapleseasyrebates.com/rebatecard
  • www.stapleseasyrebates.com