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Straight Talk Wireless Services

A customer HAS FOUR DIFFERENT OPTIONS when activating a Straight Talk phone through the Straight Talk Activation site:

  1. Activate a Straight Talk Service
  2. Reactivate Straight Talk Service
  3. Transfer existing Straight Talk service
  4. Activate Straight Talk Service with a number from another business

The activation process should only take a few minutes and for coverage may differ depending on the Straight Talk phone.  Please note when activating a Straight Talk phone with a number from another business the user will need the following:

  • The account number
  • Password or Pin
  • Contact Information as it is registered with the phones current service provider

Not all service providers provide a PIN number.  Please contact the businesses current provider for more information.

What is Straight Talk?

An US based, pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service.  Straight Talk makes it very simple for customers to obtain a phone as they do not require credit checks, there are no activation fees and most importantly Straight Talk has no age limits rules.

Popular Straight Talk Plans:

  1. $30 All You Need Plan with 1500 Minutes
  2. $45 Unlimited Plan with Unlimited Minutes
  3. $60 Unlimited International Plan with Unlimited Nationwide Minutes

Most customers will be more than happy with the $30 plan.  The $30 plan also includes 100 MB of data and unlimited text messaging.  Regardless of the type of plan the customer will have to refill the plan every 30 days to keep the service going.  The easiest way to keep Straight Talk service going is by enrolling in the Auto-Refill for monthly automatic deductions from the My Account homepage.  The “MyAccount” service also allows a customer to update billing information, refill the phone directly from the site and set up a PIN for Mobile Web transactions.

Domain: www.straighttalk.com/activate
Operated By: TracFone and Walmart