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The First Support

  • The First Support is a service of ProBiller, and lets customers find the details of a charge that is appearing on their bank account or card statement
  • Charges that have the name MBI-ProBiller.com are usually from an online entertainment web site, and are usually for a trial offer
  • Many web sites that use MBI ProBiller do have recurring subscriptions, so if it’s not canceled, customers may see charges every month from this company

ProBiller handles charge processing for a number of different online and physical retail companies, so people are often confused when they see charges from First Support or ProBiller pop up on their statement. This web site helps customers find out what service or what web site they actually signed up and are being billed for. When customers cancel an account that’s billed from ProBiller, they always receive a confirmation e-mail when the transaction is processed. If this confirmation wasn’t received from ProBiller, it’s likely the account wasn’t canceled yet.

The First Support

  • Customers who have been billed by MBI-Probiller and aren’t sure what the charge is for are asked to contact ProBiller at 1-877-239-4057. Service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help track down charges that are unknown
  • Many times, customers will sign up for one trial and see two $1.00 charges
  • This is because on many web sites, signing up for one trial subscription also signs up for another one that’s billed by ProBiller

What is First Support and Pro Biller?

First Support and Pro Biller can provide detailed information to help customers recognize a purchase that is appearing on their credit or debit card statement, can confirm details of a transaction on a credit card when the description that appears does not exactly match the name of the product that was purchased.


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