www.tijuanatacoboutit.com – Earn Reward Tijuana Flats Customer Survey

Tijuana Taco Bout It

  • Tijuana Flats fan boys will want to take their Tijuana Taco Bout It customer survey in order to earn a reward AND make their local taco joint a better place to eat
  • Most customers will need about 5 minutes to take the survey along with the survey code
  • The Tijuana Taco Bout It survey code can be found on the Tijuana Flats customer receipt

TijuanaTacoBoutIt.com is operated by InMoment and requires internet access (customers without Internet access will want to check out their local coffee shop or maybe stop by their mother in laws).  All feedback will be used to increase the overall service at the Tijuana Flats location in questions and the customers information will never be shared with the employees who waited on them.  Once the customer has entered the Tijuana Taco Bout It survey code they will encounter a variety of questions in regards to their visit.  These questions will ask about the quality of the food, cleanliness of the store, and other random customer service questions.  All feedback will be kept confidential.

www.TijuanaTacoBoutIt.com Instructions

  • Make a purchase at Tijuana Flats
  • Save the receipt
  • Hurry home and access the survey URL
  • Enter the Tijuana Taco Bout It survey code
  • Answer a few questions
  • Collect the reward and sleep well

TijuanaTacoBoutIt.com Notes

  • A must for all Tijuana Taco Flats fan boys looking to increase the customer service at their local shop
  • The reward cannot be used with any other promotional coupons
  • InMoment can be reached at 1-800-467-0047

Tijuana Flats is a popular Florida based Mexican restaurant with locations in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana.  Tijuana Flats was founded in 1995 by Mr. Brian Wheeler and currently has about 130 resturants.  Top menu items include Burrito Bowls and Dos Tacos.  All chicken at Tijuana Flats locations serve 100 percent hormone free, white meat chicken.


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