www.usbank.com/benefitsandrewards – Access US Bank Total Rewards Account

US Bank Benefits and Rewards

  • Access the USBank web management service
  • US Bank employees can access this service from home or in the office by using their intranet id and password
  • Super easy to use (and a great reward program to boot)

USBank.com/BenefitsandRewards is operated by U.S. Bancorp and is designed for current employees.  Former or retired US Ban employees will have to use a different service portal in order to access reward information associated with their career at US Bank.  New users will have to create a user ID.  A user ID provides the employee with critical access to benefits information through the usbank.com/benefitsandrewards site and the U.S. Bank Employee Service Center.  Us Bank employees can use the ResetMe service to reset a password, or contact the IT Service Center via ChatWithIT or 800.315.9088.

www.usbank.com/benefitsandrewards Notes

  • Easy to use and requires internet access
  • Requires a email address upon sign up
  • Designed for current employees only
  • A nice way to earn rewards for being a loyal/productive employees
  • Employees without home Internet access can use their local library

U.S. Bancorp (aka U.S. Bank)

  • A top ten bank in the United States
  • Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
  • Has more than 3000 locations

The U.S. Bank corporate office can be found at 800 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402, United States and reached by phone by calling 651-466-3000 (this number should not be dialed in regards to questions about the US Bank benefit and rewards program).  The firm is listed on the New York stock Exchange under ticker symbol USB.

Products offered by U.S. Bank?

  1. Credit cards (most all credit cards issued by US Bank require a good credit score)
  2. Retail banking
  3. Commercial bank
  4. Investment banking (designed for high net worth individuals)
  5. Lock Boxes (ideal for someone with gold bars or old baseball cards that may be worth a lot of money)
  6. Financial analysis
  7. Private equity


  1. www.usbank.com/benefitsandrewards