www.usbankhr.com – US Bank HR Current or Former Employees

US Bank HR

  • A one stop human resource shop for both US Bank current and former employees
  • Operated by US Bank who is proud member FDIC and an equal housing lender
  • US Bank employees who need immediate HR assistance should visit their local HR department in person

USBankHR.com allows current employees to access resources when they are not at work (i.e. working from home or working on the road out of a low-end motel).  Former US Bank employees can use US Bank HR to access benefit information (i.e. retirement stuff) and alumni information (not sure what this is exactly… are we in college?).  USBankHR.com also comes with the employee assistance program LifeWorks which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to active employees and their dependents.  Any questions in regards to the US Bank HR online service can be directed to 800.806.7009 or the U.S. Bank HR Employee Service Center Email at HRConnection@hr.usbank.com (employee can also visit their local HR department in person).

www.USBankHR.com Resource Examples

  • Tax forms (i.e. W-2, employees verification, HR self-service)
  • ID documents required for finger printing
  • Access to the US Bank employee Total reward program (a must for reward fan boys)
  • Global Learning Lab access (a great way to get ahead in the firm and maybe get the next big promotion… knowledge is power)
  • Access to MentorConnect (ideal for US Bank employees who are having a tough time adjusting to their new position and need a little help from a seasoned employee aka mentor)

The Total Rewards program allows an US Bank employee to check their 401k, obtain a parking pass for the place in which they work (if needed), view a compensation statement, and update dependants or beneficiaries.  Please note employees who were just hired with US Bank and live in the states of either California, Minnesota, Nevada, new Jersey, New York City, Washington, or Oregon will have to file a special form before they are able to officially start work.


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