www.utilitiesinfo.com – Conservice Online Account Bill Pay

Utilities Info

  • Allows a Conservice Utility Management & Billing customer access their account online
  • Requires the customer’s account code and password
  • Any questions in regards to the Utilities Info site can be directed to 1-866-947-7379 or service@conservice.com

Please note that new Conservice Utility customers will use their account number as their username and web pin as their password.  The web pin will vary in length but customer show only enter the first 8 digits regardless of the length.  Once the customer has accessed their Utilities Info account for the first time it is recommended they change their password immediately.

Conservice Utility Management & Billing

  • Energy company formed in 2000
  • Founded by Dave Jenkins with just 2 employees
  • Focuses on accountability and continuous customer improvement

Conservice is a proud partner with ENERGY STAR whose products enrich the environment through reduced levels of related pollution.  Conservice has won numerous awards over the years to include Utah Business Magazine as the 29th fastest growing company in Utah, ranked number 58 on Mountain West Capital Network’s and won the Utah Business Magazine Sustainable Business Award in 2012.

Conservice Clients

  • Apartment Communities
  • College Dorms
  • Military Housing
  • Section 8 Housing
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Cotton Candy Stands
  • HOA Neighborhoods

The apartment community sector is their money-maker as it makes up over 50% of their clients.  Their unique billing programs help saves thousands on operating costs and encourage conservation at apartment communities nationwide.