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Xfinity Insider Rewards

  • Provides perks, offers and coupons to Xfinity/Comcast customers
  • Customers will be required to sign in using a Comcast login
  • Please dial 1-800-934-6489 with any questions about the Xfinity Insider site

XFINITY Insider Rewards is part of the Comcast Digital Cable TV customer rewards program.  First time users will have to verify their Comcast account number up.  The user will need their Comcast account number or the Social Security Number of the person who is the primary account holder.  If the customers is already a XFINITY Internet subscriber please use the same username.

Any trouble during the sign up process?  Start an online chat with a customer representative

Comcast Corporation

  • US-based cable, Internet and home phone company
  • Headquartered in the City of Brotherly Love aka Philadelphia
  • Lack of competition has resulted in Comcast being the largest cable provider in the world by revenue

Comcast operates in 40 US states to include the District of Columbia and has an operating revenue of over $60 billion dollars.  Many industry experts call Comcast a regulated Monopoly authorized by the President of the US.  Others call Comcast a perfect example of capitalism at its purest.  The company is a stockholder in professional sports teams to include the Philadelphia 76ers and the Flyers (of the National Hockey League).  Comcast is known for awful customer service and has prompted many YouTube videos depiction the terrible service.  In 2014 Comcast was awarded the “Worst Company in America” by The Consumerist (a consumer affairs blog).  Many customers would love to leave the service but lack other available options.