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Xperia Water Proof Settlement

  • Obtain more details in regards to the class action lawsuit entitled Landes v. Sony Mobile Communications which is pending in the U.S. District Court for Eastern District of New York
  • This is case number 2:17-cv-2264-JFB-SIL
  • A settlement fairness hearing will take place on or around December 1, 2017 at 1:30 p.m. E.S.T in order to discuss if the propose settlement is fair (class members are NOT required to attend this hearing in order to obtain a slice of the settlement pie)

XperiaWaterProofSettlement.com revovles around claims that Sony sold Experia Mobile Devices that were deceptively advertised as “waterproof” when in actually reality they were NOT 100% WATER PROOF.  Anyone who purchased a Experia Mobile Device manufactured, marketed, sold and/or distributed by Sony Mobile Communications will want to file a claim in the Landes v. Sony Mobile Communications class action lawsuit.  Although Sony has agreed to settle this does not mean they broke any laws and/or did anything wrong.  In order to file a claim the consumer must be a legal resident of the United States to include Washington DC or Puerto Rico.  Class members who have nothing better to do with their lives can attend the fairness hearing if they notify the court.  In order to notify the court they must write to: United States District Court Eastern District of New York 100 Federal Plaza Central Islip, NY 11722 and explain they would like to express their right to attend/speak at the hearing.

www.XperiaWaterProofSettlement.com Notes

  • On January 13, 2016, Named Plaintiffs Logan Landes and James Goddard (“Named Plaintiffs” or “Plaintiffs”) served a demand letter pursuant to California Civil Code § 1782, and other applicable laws, on Sony
  • Class member MUST submit a claim no later than January 30, 2018
  • The deadline to exclude or object to the settlement is listed as Wednesday, November 1, 2017
  • Class members will be represented by Nancy A. Kulesa
  • Sony has hired John P. Hooper


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