www.yourvervecard.com – Verve MasterCard Application

Your Verve Card (Last Update April 15, 2016)

The Your Verve Card site allows a user to apply for a Verve MasterCard with a reservation number (this number can be found in the promotional packet received by mail).  The site is operated by Mid America Bank & Trust Company in association with Continental Finance Company, LLC.  A customer can also apply for the credit card by dialing 1-866-513-459.  The user also has the option to return the promotional acceptance certificate from the pre-selected offer by US MAIL.

Other Notes

  • PO Boxes are not accepted
  • An applicant cannot add a co-signer to the card
  • Instant decisions are the norm but sometimes it may take up to 10 days to hear back
  • Once the customer is approved they can expect the card to be mailed within 3 days
  • $500 credit limits are the norm for new customers

Once the customer has received their Mid America Bank & Trust Company MasterCard they will have 30 days to activate it.  If they fail to activate the card in 30 days it will become unusable.  It is recommended that upon acceptance a customer sign up for an online account which provide the user the ability to:

  1. pay a bill online
  2. enroll in online statements
  3. view recent transactions and statements
  4. check a balance
  5. more information can be found at the YourVerveCard FAQ

Credit Protection is an optional debt cancellation program offered with Verve credit card account.  The customer is not required to apply for this protection but it help in the the event of job losses it will cover up to (12) continuous monthly payments for the primary card holder, one (1) minimum monthly payment for hospitalization and cancels the full balance in the event of death.

  • Domain: www.yourvervecard.com
  • Operated by: Mid America Bank & Trust Company – Serviced by Continental Finance Company, LLC