Contact Lense Settlement

WHOA! A 13 million dollar settlement has been announced in the Contact Lens Price-Fixing Class Action Settlement.

You can visit www.contactlenssettlement.com to learn more about the case.

The case is under review in the Bryan Simpson United States Courthouse 300 North Hogan St. Jacksonville, FL 32202.

Any questions about the case can be directed to 1-877-253-3649 or email info@ContactLensSettlement.com.

Class members who elect to mail the claim form should send it to Disposable Contacts Antitrust Litigation Settlement Administrator – Epiq P.O. Box 2995 Portland, OR 97208-2995.

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How much money will class members receive?

The settlement funds will be distributed to qualifying members of the CVI and B&L Settlement Classes pro-rata. Lead Counsel estimate that there are up to 40 million purchasers of disposable contact lenses that were subject to Defendants’ UPPs. In the event that Lead Counsel determines that it will be economically infeasible to directly distribute settlement funds to the CVI and B&L Settlement Classes, they may propose alternative plans of distribution to the Court, including a cy pres distribution of the settlement funds. In the event that Lead Counsel proposes an alternative plan of distribution to the Court, the motion will be posted on this website, and an email will be sent to any email address registered with the Settlement Administrator prior to the hearing on the motion.

ContactLensSettlement.com Important Dates

  • Settlement Fairness Hearing: 2/25/2020
  • Claim Form Deadline: 1/31/2020
  • Fairness Hearing at 2:15 p.m. on February 25, 2020