Best Camera Apps For The Android


During the previous 2 years, Android has made some serious improvements in the camera app field. Not only are OEMs making better cameras, but also much better camera software overall. What once was a simple process offocusing and shooting has gradually evolved into something more complicated. So, the question is – What are the best and most user friendly camera apps for the Android?

There are literally hundreds of camera apps designed specially for the Android, and the list below brings you some of the best!

#1 Camera ZOOM FX

This app is certainly among the best camera apps available for Android. Unlike some other camera apps, this one takes a slightly different approach with the use of effects and filters. Instead of simply using some of the pre-made effects and filters, Camera Zoom FX lets its users to make a choice between variouseffects which will create their own unique filter.

The best aspect of this camera app is the sheer number of different effects available. From colorful and flamboyant effects to a retro effect, this app has an effect or a filter that anyone would enjoy.

#2 Camera360 Ultimate

Not only is Camera360 Ultimate a great camera app for the Android, it is also among the most popular ones. For many people this has been, and still is, the best camera app. This is not surprising given the fact that this camera app is packed with many features. Camera360 Ultimate gets you every standardfeature, as well as a wide range of filters and effects.

#3 Cymera (Price: Free)

Cymera camera app is not only extremely popular, but very well respected and rated as well. Cymera app specializes in taking a specific type of picture which makes it a little different from the rest of the apps featured on this list. It is predominately used for photographingpeople’s faces, but can easily work as an standard ordinary camera app.
It offers the standard features, effects, filters and other treats, but its best feature is definitively face shots. For example, it offers a special set of filters and features for when a smile is caught in your pictures, making it unique and fun to use.

#4 Camera MX

Camera MX might not posses the set of features one would hope to find when looking for something more professional, but if you are only a casual photographer or you simply enjoy sharing your images via Instagram or Google+, this camera app is more than enough. All of the standard features like flash, zoom and ISO are present in Camera MX.
However, there is also a wide range of frames and themes to make every image more personal. You can also apply the filter before taking the actual picture in order tosee how it will turn out, as well as add other effects to already taken pictures, making them look even better.

#5 Otaku Camera

Otaku Camera is a fun, specialized camera app. It uses its special filter with graphic and frame overlays to transform any image into an anime picture, which is extremely fun for any anime and manga fan. You can also download many other themes featuring various filters.

Otaku Camera is certainly for hobbyists and enthusiasts only, but its uniqueness, quality and overall fun puts it on the list.