www.alapay.com – Pay Alabama Judicial System


  • Access Direct Online Payment to the Alabama Judicial System
  • Used to pay down state traffic tickets and criminal fines
  • Operated by On-Line Information Services, Inc with the state of Alabama

In order to pay a traffic ticket online using ALA Pay the offender will need to provide the UTC number and their date of birth.  The UTC number can be found in the upper right corner of ticket.  Those looking to pay a fine in regards to a District Criminal Case with an outstanding balance will need to provide their case number and SSN (the offenders DOB can be used in lieu of a SSN).  It should be noted that those who use the ALA Pay online service will be charged a bothersome 4% convenience fee (those looking to avoid this costly fee can always pay without a convenience fee with cash or money order in person at the respective court house or with a money order through the mail).  When making a payment using the ALA Pay service the user authorizes the State of Alabama to collect the fine and as such a refund is not allowed.

Disputes in regards to the ALA Pay service?

  • Any disputes concerning charge errors should be directed to On-Line Information Services, Inc. d/b/a AlaPay.com at 877-799-9898 (toll-free)
  • Or by mail to P.O. Box 8147, Mobile, AL 36689-0147

Any questions in regards to a traffic ticket or criminal fine please call the Alabama Traffic Service Center at 866-954-9399 or visit 866-954-9399.  For questions in regards to making a credit card payment via ALA Pay please call 251-344-3333 or toll free 877-799-9898 (or email the question to support@alacourt.com).  When making a payment online ALA Pay will take all major credit cards (i.e. American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard).  The state of Alabama reserves the right to change or cancel this service at anytime in the future without prior notice.


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