www.prepaid.blpetrebates.com activate – Rebate Card Activation

prepaid.blpetrebates.com activate

Prepaid BLPetRebates Activate

If you were lucky enough to receive a prepaid card from NexGard and FRONTLINE you will need to activate it in order to start buying stuff!

Please visit www.Prepaid.BLPetRebates.com Activate to activate the card and start spending.

You will need the prepaid card number in order to start the activation process.

If the card is lost or misplaced please call the toll-free number on the back of the card.

More HeartGuard Coupons

In order to save more money on pricey dog medication please visit www.heartgard.com/offers to sign up via email.

You will get a $12 rebate when you buy 12 doses of HEARTGARD.

  • You will get the $12 rebate in the mail
  • Please note HeartGuard is for dog’s age 6 weeks or older
  • Get a bigger rebate!

Get a $50 rebate when you purchase 12 doses of HEARTGARD Plus and 12 doses of either of our flea & tick control products from your vet.

Visit the same Heart Gard Offers website to download the rebate.

Prepaid.blpetrebates.com Notes

  • The Prepaid Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC, or First Century Bank
  • Questions about the card can be directed to www.prepaidpolicy.com/contact-us
  • The Visa Zero Liability policy covers U.S.-issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions

Find a Vet

If you don’t even have a vet for your dog you will need one ASAP.

Please visit www.heartgard.com/find-a-vet to find a vet near you.

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www.mysaxendacard.com – Activate or Print Savings Card

My Saxenda Card

  • Activate or print a life saving Saxenda card online
  • Customers may be able to pay as little as $30 or save up to $200 per Saxenda prescription with a crazy maximum benefit of $200 per prescription and 12 benefits annually

Any questions in regards to MySaxendaCard.com (including eligibility or benefits) can be directed to an English speaking customer service agent at 1-866-258-8165 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET.  The My Saxenda card offer promotion is a must for anyone looking to remove bothersome body fat.  This offer is a FDA-approved prescription injectable medicine that may help some overweight (aka fat) adults with excess weight (body mass index [BMI] ≥27) who also have weight-related medical problems or obesity (BMI ≥30), lose weight and keep it off and improve their health and overall well-being.

MySaxendaCard.com Savings?

  • It appears that customers will save some dough when using this promotion to lose body fat
  • Customers will only pay $30 or save up to $200 per Saxenda prescription
  • Operated by Novo Nordisk
  • Novo Nordisk reserves the right to modify or terminate the MySaxendaCard.com promotional offer at anytime for any reason
  • Customers will be asked to answer if they ever been on Saxenda before

What in the world is Saxenda?

  • In a nut shell Saxenda (also known as liraglutide) is an injectable prescription medicine (3mg) that may help some adults with excess weight
  • Contrary to popular belief Saxenda is not a treatment for type 2 diabetes
  • Saxenda is not designed for children or anyone under the age of 18

More information in regards to Saxenda can be obtained via www.fda.gov/medwatch, or by calling the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.  Some common side effects of Saxenda use include nausea, diarrhea, constipation, headache, vomiting,decreased appetite, upset stomach, tiredness, dizziness, stomach pain.

The Novo Nordisk Inc. corporate office is based at 800 Scudders Mill Road, Plainsboro, New Jersey 08536.


  1. www.mysaxendacard.com
  2. www.saxenda.com/learn-about-saxenda

www.ruralkingbatteryrebate.com – Submit a Battery Rebate Online

Rural King Battery Rebate

  • Submit or check the status of a battery rebate with Rural King online
  • Submitting a rebate is pretty much pain-free as it should only take a few minutes
  • Those who need to check the status of a rebate will need to provide the email address used at the time of submitting the rebate at ruralkingbatteryrebate.com (or they can provide their first and last name along with their zip code)

RuralKingBatteryRebate.com is operated by The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc. and required Internet access.  In order to submit a battery rebate the customer will have to provide the purchase date, retailer (i.e. Rural King), and the invoice/order number.  There will be a total of 3 steps which should take less than 2 minutes to complete.  Any questions in regards to this rebate promotion can be directed to Rural King at 844-539-5504.  Customers who are more “old school” cab always download the rebate claim form and send it via US Mail.

www.RuralKingBatteryRebate.com Promotional Notes

  • Rural King reserves the right to modify or terminate the terms of the promotion at any time for any reason
  • Any questions in regards to a rebate can be directed to 844-539-5504 OR exiderebates@acbcoop.com or Rural King Rebate , PO Box 1919 , Memphis, TN 38101
  • Rebates must be submitted by the due date found on the rebate

Battery Rebate Amounts?

  • $20 rebate on Exide Edge or Rural King batteries
  • $10 rebate on Rural King Flooded Marine batteries
  • $5 rebate on Exide SuperCrank or Rural King Lawn & Garden

Rural King was founded in 1960 and is an Illinois based farm supply retailer with more than 100 locations in the states of Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia (they also offer a popular online gun store).  The Rural King corporate office can be reached at 4216 Dewitt Ave.Mattoon, IL 61938 or by phone (217) 235-7101.


  1. www.ruralkingbatteryrebate.com

www.rebateinquiryonline.com – Milano Online Rebate Inquiry

Rebate Inquiry Online

  • Check the status of a rebate promotion online
  • Checking the status of a rebate will take less than 30 seconds
  • Requires Internet connection as the status of a Milano rebate cannot be checked over the phone

RebateInquiryOnline.com requires the phone number, zip code, last name, and dealer name in order to check the status of a rebate.  The service is operated by Milano Promotion Services and any questions about rebateinquiryonline.com can be directed to a customer service agent at 866-963-7933 for additional assistance (this number is only available from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday due to staffing issues).  If the customers inputs the wrong information they will see the following wording “there is no record of a claim with the information provided” and will want to verify that the phone number, zip code, and last name were entered correctly.

www.RebateInquiryOnline.com Notes

  1. Only for products related to Milano promotions
  2. Must have the phone number associated with the purchase in order to check the status of a rebate
  3. Please allow up to 10 weeks for the rebate to arrive via US mail

Milano Inc.

  • Milano Promotional Services Inc. has been in business for 12 years and is based at 2615 River Rd. Unit 1 Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
  • According to the Better Business Bureau Milano has not responded to 3 complaints against them
  • Milano business history: BBB File Opened: 07/23/2009 Business Started: 04/01/2005 Business Incorporated: 04/01/2005 in NJ


  1. www.rebateinquiryonline.com
  2. Milano BBB Page

www.virbacpets.com/offers – Check Out Virbac Rebates

Virbac Pets Offers

  • Apply for a rebate online
  • This is for pet products only
  • Most rebate forms will take less than 2 minutes to complete

The Virbac Pets Offers rebate promotion is open to anyone in the United States who purchased a qualifying pet product.  Popular products associated with the Virbac Pet rebate offers include Sentinel brand products and Iverhart brand pet products.  Any questions in regards to a rebate can be directed to a customer service agent at 844-290-8230 or via US Mail at Virbac Rebates, PO Box 342140, Bartlett TN 38184.  Businesses that have questions in regards to Vibrac sales should dial 1-844-484-7222.

VirbacPets.com/Offers promotional notes

  • Easy to use
  • Virbac reserves the right to cancel or change the terms of the rebates
  • Please allow up to 7 weeks for the rebate to process


  1. www.virbacpets.com/offers
  2. iverhartrebate.com/iverhart/