Differences Between the iPad Air and iPad 4


Every time a new piece of gizmo hits the market, tech lovers are itching to analyze it and see how it compares with its predecessor. It was no different with the iPad Air when it unveiled late last year to replace the iPad 4. There are quite a few differences between the iPad Air and iPad 4:

1. The All Important Design 

This is perhaps the area where these two differ most. The thinness and light weight of the new iPad are what earned it the name “Air”; it measures just 7.5mm thick, making it almost 2mm thinner than the iPad 4. It weighs in at 478g, a whole 184g lighter than iPad 4. Its area is also smaller (240 x 169.5mm as opposed to 241.2 x 185.7mm of the earlier version). Both tablets are housed in an ultra-light aluminum casing though the colors are different; the iPad Air arrives with either a black face and gray back panel or white face and silver back panel as opposed to a silver back and white or black face of iPad 4. Apple has retained the 9.7 inch display of the previous model so the bezel has been reduced in order to compensate for the more compact design of the iPad Air.

2. Hardware 

The iPad Air has a 64-bit 1.4 GHz dual core A7 processor running the show, which is an upgrade over its predecessor’s 32-bit 1.4 GHz dual core A6X processor. An M7 co-processor has also been introduced in the new version to reduce the main chip’s workload. Both have a 1 GB RAM. The front and back cameras are similar in both units in terms of pixels, but the lenses of the iPad Air are smaller. The Air’s battery is understandably smaller the iPad 4’s but still supports 10 hours of video and gaming. The storage hasn’t changed, coming with 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB options.

3. Operating

While the 4th generation iPad ran on iOS 6, the iPad Air runs on the more efficient iOS 7. iOS 7 is more powerful than iOS 6 with games and applications opening and running faster and more steadily. While the iPad 4 is upgradable to iOS 7, the Air isn’t capable of using iOS 6.

The iPad 4 was itself quite a formidable device and improving on it was a tough task. However Apple managed to do just that with the iPad Air. The design of the new tablet is undeniably the most important alteration that Apple made and it has proved quite popular with tech lovers. The tweaks in hardware and the operating systems also combine to give the iPad Air a slight edge in terms of performance over the iPad 4.